Woman allegedly kills self, after killing lover for impregnating another woman

The death of two lovers, Ufuoma and Mathilda, at the Amukpe area of Sapele in Sapele Local Government Area of Delta state has been blamed on jealousy.

On Friday morning, the bodies of Ufuoma and Mathilda were discovered, with reports alleging that the live-in lovers had died from food poisoning or probably generator fumes, since they were said to have put on their generator after returning from a party late on Thursday night.

“Ufuoma impregnated another woman and when Mathilda found out, she could not hold back.

“Mathilda is the jealous type. And let me tell you, there are injuries on Ufuoma’s wrist and body.

”Morever she has repeatedly said she will kill the guy and kill herself if she finds out he is dating another girl. That is what happened,” a source who simply wants to be addressed as Bobos said.

Another source, who craved anonymity, and described Ufuoma as a jovial transporter who plies Sapele-Warri route said relatives and friends had called the deceased line all through Thursday without response.

He alleged that Mathilda was still alive on Friday morning.

“It was Mathilda who actually opened the door on Friday morning, and came out with her younger one who was living with them.

”People saw her and I think it was after then that she drank the poison. The story of poisoning by fish or generator fumes is not truth.”

Delta State Police spokesperson, Onome Onowakpoyeya, on Friday, confirmed the death of the two persons.

Onome added: “When the police visited the scene, they prevented us from going in, so the case was not officially reported.” 

Meanwhile, the bodies of the lovers was on Friday committed to Mother Earth.

A family source said Mathilda was buried at her family home in Amukpe, while Ufuoma’s corpse was committed to mother earth somewhere unknown.


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