Enough is Enough of killing our members- OSACA

..wants total eviction of herders from the State

Ondo State Agricultural Commodities Association, (OSACA), has condemned the recent killing of a farmer in Akoko by herdsmen, describing the sad incident as too many to bear.

In a Press Statement issued and made available to Journalists by the Chairman of OSACA, Mr. Gbenga Obaweya, the association demanded justice for the victims gruesomely murdered by the criminals, while calling for total ban of open grazing and eviction of herders from Ondo State, saying ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’.

Read the full statement below👇

The killing of yet another farmer in Ondo State as widely reported in the media is highly reprehensible.
This is yet another among many media unreported ones.
We condemn this in the strongest terms possible and demand justice for our murdered comrade.
We extend our condolences to the family and kinsmen of our slain colleague and pledge to continue the struggle until our land is liberated from this siege.
We call for a total ban on free range grazing of Cattle in Ondo State and TOTAL EVICTION OF ALL ITINERANT HERDERS IN ONDO STATE. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

Gbenga Obaweya

Ayo Omogie

Published by WonderLady

Journalist, Educationist, Writer, Human Rights Advocate

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