Don’t allow premarital sex, physically challenged women charged

.. Nigerians should stop discouraging their loved ones’ marriage with PWD who are in love

Kwara State Deaf Women Association leader, Afolayan Oyebimpe has lent her voice to the cause of women with Disabilities, saying “they are entitled to a happy marriage and deserve the full respect that comes with it.

She said this during an interactive session organized by Empower Project TV and aired on SoLife NTA channel 9. The event, with discussion topic centered on how to stop abuse of women with disabilities within the marriage union took place on Saturday in Ilorin, the Kwara State Capital.

Mrs. Afolayan reiterated that “despite their disabilities, their faculties remain functional. These women are beautiful, hard working, kind hearted and most especially, very good in bed”.

Oyebimpe said, “people look down on women with disabilities and as a result many remain unmarried and suffer in silence.”

“Some men think they are doing disabled women a favor by marrying them. This not true. They have every right to get married, to have a say in the marriage, and not be enslaved.”

Using herself as a case study of women with disabilities being caring, Mrs. Afolayan recalled how for the past 18 years her mother in-law has been staying in her home with her taking good care of her (mother-in-law).

She continued, “I am a farmer and civil servant. I train myself to become excellent in my fields”

She called for end to stigmatizing women with disability in marriage, no matter the disability, a woman with disability can be a good wife.

Mrs Afolayan appealed to families, in-laws and friends to stop discouraging people from marrying disabled women as long as both individuals are in love.

She expressed strong displeasure at men who promise to marry disabled women, only to abandon them to their fates after impregnating them.

She also frowned at the maltreatment and discriminations which women and girls with disability suffer in marriage – adding that such inhumane acts must stop.

Oyebimpe encouraged women with disabilities not to sell themselves cheap. She encouraged them to insist on legal marriage before going into sex. She cautioned against being in too much haste as such could result to falling into wrong hands, rather they should brace up and present themselves well.”

Berating men for their deceit, she narrated instances where non-disabled men who married deaf women brought girlfriends to the matrimonial home and discussed right before their wives because she can’t hear.
The fear of God is very important, she warned.

The presenter, Joy Bolarin reinforced Oyebimpe’s view by narrating the story of a beautiful lady who sustained a spinal cord injury in an accident and as a result couldn’t get a marriage mate. Drawing from such instance, she reminded members of the community to bear in mind that disability can happen to anyone at anytime.

There were several calls from viewers during the program some of whom encouraged people with disabilities not to look down on themselves since appearance has a lot to do with how one will be addressed.

One caller encouraged disabled women to be of good conduct and avoid picking quarrels with people in their environment. According to her, “they should be friendly and well mannered as this will help them attract responsible men for marriage.”

“All hands must be on deck to make life better for women and girls with disabilities and to stop violence against them”, Bolarin concluded.

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