Obaship Tussle: Ibulesoro people fault warrant Chiefs approved by govt, want selection process stopped

‘Govt has no fault, the community are polarised’

Sequel to the approval of three warrant Chiefs to complete the number of Kingmakers for the selection of new Olubule of Ibulesoro in Ifedore local government area of Ondo state, the people of the community have frowned at the decision of the government, describing it as a fraudulent attempt to fill the vacant stool with wrong candidate.

The Government, through the Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, had on a letter dated 16th November 2020 approved the names of three persons from the families of deceased Kingmakers as warrant chiefs to complete the six traditionally constituted kingmakers out of who three are deceased.

In a Press Release issued by the community made available to Journalists, signed by the Head, Council of Chiefs, Chief Oyebode Omosa (Oluwati), the names approved were said to be contrary to the original list submitted by the community.

According to him, the State Executive Council was misled by approving the names as parallel warrant Chiefs and the people of the Community has therefore rejected them to participate in the selection process.

“We dissociate ourselves from appointment of the warrant Chiefs. It is a fraud and we are determined to continue to resist it. We state that if Ifedore Local Government and Ondo state Government are determined to continue to treat Ibulesoro with ignominy by refusing to take action when complaints are logded, we beg the government to leave the community alone without any monarch pending the time due process will be followed.

“We prefer Ibulesoro people to continue enjoy their peace undisturbed. The Community declines to participate in the new selection process” , the statement reads.

According to the Statement, based on the letter requesting for nomination of warrant Chiefs by the government when there was a protest in some quarters against the use of the three remaining Kingmakers, the community nominated Mr Ojo Bamidele Adesalu(Amugofi family), Mr. Osanyintolu Ademola(Iwoye family), Chief Abuletagba Akinyemi(Iledo group) and forwarded the list to the appropriate quarters.

Surprisingly, a letter dated November 16, 2020 had Mr Adeyemo Adejuyigbe, Mrs Omomujo Adeyemi, and Chief Olowere Ashante as approved warrant Chiefs.

“With unsavoury development noticed since the postponement of the selection process, the Chiefs on behalf of the aggrieved Ibulesoro people hereby state as follows:

“The only people who were given letters by the government to appoint warrant Chiefs were the heads of Amugofi, Iwoye families and Iledo group. For the avoidance of doubt, the duly nominated warrant Chiefs are Mr. Ojo Bamidele Adesalu (Amugofi), Mr. Osanyintolu Ademola (Iwoye), and Chief Abuletagba Akinyemi (Iledo).

“The nomination of parallel warrant Chiefs other than those duly nominated by Amugofi, Iwoye families and Iledo group was fraudulently and illegally done by one of the aspirants to the vacant stool of Olubule.

“The parallel nominations submitted by those who had no authority to do so were forged. This does not only undermine the selection process but a deliberate attempt to twist and distort the native law and custom of Ibulesoro pertaining to selection of Olubule.

“The Community insists that until the duplicate copies of the parallel nominations submitted by one of aspirants to the vacant stool of Olubule, the new selection process should never be contemplated for sake of justice and fair play. A fraudulent aspirant cannot ascend to the royal throne”, they said.

‘Govt has no fault, the community are polarised’

Responding to the allegation after an attempt to speak with the Commissioner proved abortive, the Chairman of Ifedore Local Government, Engr Alex Oladimeji said lack of coordination within the concerned families led to the lingering crisis and the inability to install their king.

According to him, whenever Government requests for an information, response would emanate from different angles on behalf of the concerned families.

” As far as I’m concerned I know the installation process has been on for a year but the major problem is not from the government, but the family; they are polarised, they are fighting one another.

” I have had several meetings with them that government cannot impose anyone on them; it is what they agree on, but they never agreed. If we demand any information from them the information will come from different quarters. The warrant chiefs they are talking about, we sent a letter to them, within the family they sent different names, we keep on telling them that they should harmonise their positions but now they are indicting the government, for what?

Can the government just fabricated names? Are we part of their community? We can’t just enter into the community and write names, they are fighting each other and that is why we have not been able to resolve this crisis”, he explained.

The Council boss who said he had earlier today held a meeting with them unknown that they had approached Journalists, said he had advised them to go back home and settle the riff between the families of those chiefs, saying, “as far as I’m concerned it is not the fault of the Government but their own fault, they should put their house in order, I have spoken with them today”.

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