#EndSARS Protest: Nigerian Constitution should be reshaped to reflect peculiar situations- Akeredolu’s aide

The need to reshape the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria to reflect the nation’s peculiar situations and address the yearnings of the Youths, has been stressed.

Addressing the EndSARS Protest and its aftermath in an interview with JATS ONLINE NEWS Publisher, the Special Assistant, (Political) to the Ondo State Governor, Mr. Olusola Okun stressed the need for total overhaul of the political system being operated in Nigeria to involve both the old and the young in governance.

According to him, the type of democracy being practised in Nigeria cannot work or yield desired results due to diversities of people in terms of tribe, religion and language.

He appealed to Nigerian Youths to channel their agitations through right channel by either forming a political party or pick from the existing ones and take over the affairs of Government rather than through crisis, while commending their initial peaceful Protest before it turned violent.

The SA Political warned against any plan to unseat the present government in Nigeria by violence or coup, saying, doing so would result to regional crisis but a democratic and legitimate approach is advisable.

He said: “They should reason together, if they want to form political party, fine! if they want to take from the existing ones, fine! they should use political means to settle their scores which is possible because of their populations.

“My advice is that they shouldn’t allowed to be used as agents of destruction, they should comport themselves if they are ready to be leaders of this country. We want them to bring up good representation and engage the Government in dialogue, they should know that where there is rancor, hooligans will come to foment trouble.

“They did the protest in a decent manner for ten days nothing happens until they were attacked which could be the handiwork of the hooligans”.

Describing the current administration in Nigeria as the one with a listening ear, Okun said: “The government on it part should listen to the yearnings and agitations of the masses because the youths are representing the larger society. It is because of their youthful power that they are out, if people were allowed, they would all come out to complain that there is hunger in the land.

“The government should try and assuage the feeling the masses are having towards this government and I believe it’s a listening regime and will do the needful by attending to the need of the people”.

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