EndSARS Protest and aftermath, results of failed Political system- Prof Aborisade

The EndSARS Protest in Nigeria which metamorphosed to a call against bad governance, and consequently destruction of Public property, has been appraised as a result of failed Political system and gladiators in the country.

A University Don cum human rights activist, Professor Peter Aborisade said this in an interview with JATS News Publisher while giving his perception of the whole scenario.

According to him, the police brutality against Nigerians, especially the youths, which included extortion, harassment, illegal detention, which triggered the peaceful protest, was due to the faulty Policing Policy in Nigeria.

Aborisade who affirmed that he had witnessed the scenes of police extortion of young men in a public transport where they were forced out to withdraw money for them, noted that aside their meagre salary, maintenance of Police stations and other logistics for smooth operation were left for officers in such stations by the federal government.

Condemning the shooting of protesters by the military  officers after 11 days of peaceful conduct, the Professor of Communication at the Federal University of Technology, Akure, FUTA,  said the constitution had been trampled on by those who supposed to be the guidance of the system.

He, however, demanded for resignation of President Muhammadu Buhari and all governors for the failure to address the demands of the youths, especially those who were alleged of hiding Covid-19 palliatives.

He noted that the real protesters were shot at, while Political actors who took to the street ransacking and looting under the guise of protesters, were let go.

According to him, except there is a new constitution in Nigeria, achieving restructuring both geopolitically and in Finance allocation would be difficult, noting that the problem of the country is not caused by the age of political leaders, but ideological one.

Aborisade, however, doubted the sincerity of the crops of leaders ruling the country in embracing good system of government through new constitution, saying the current system gave them power to loot and subject the citizens to hardship.

He corroborated his claims with the previous attempt for restructuring through which prominent Nigerians were engaged for national dialogue but was foiled by the leaders who weren’t ready to let go.

To him, if the youths attempt to take over by forming their political party under this Political system and constitution, the situation will still remain the same except there is a complete new constitution.

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