Ade Adeogun Foundation Partners BRECAN on Breast Cancer Awareness

The debilitating experience of breast cancer is better imagined than being real. We have lost many great women to its pangs while some are prayerfully going through the toughest time of their lives now as a result of a full blown breast cancer.

As much as we dread breast cancer, it’s not a death sentence only if it’s discovered at an early stage. This is when ignorance will no longer be bliss. Cancer is like the proverbial Iroko that must be tamed when sprouting lest it becomes an apparent reason for unending sacrifices.

Our women must shun the culture of self help as well as traditional beliefs occasioned by age long myths. It’s no longer fashionable to think of an evil spirit whenever the human bodies do not function properly. It constitutes great danger to resort to self help or spiritual support while shunning all medical examinations. We must also reiterate that breast cancer is not for the rich alone. It knows no status, academic qualifications or colour.

In line with our readiness to help our women promote a cancer free society, Ade Adeogun Foundation will partner with BRECAN in an awareness programme slated for Friday, 30th of this month at Oka Akoko Town Hall. The programme starts by 11am and all participants must be in attendance as early as possible.

It’s our wish that all our women will remain strong and healthy to build the prosperous society we direly covet.

Abire Sunday Olugbenga
Special Assistant, Media and Publicity.
29th October, 2020.

Published by WonderLady

Journalist, Educationist, Writer, Human Rights Advocate

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