SWS bemoans killing of EndSARS protesters, calls for youths inclusiveness in governance

Standup for Women Society (SWS), has strongly condemned the incessant intimidation, unlawful arrest and killing of innocent Nigerians, especially youths during the EndSARS protests across the nation.

In a statement signed by Mrs. Deborah A. Ijadele-Adetona Esq., the SWS
National President, the organisation was concerned about the incessant killing of unarmed youths in many parts of the country for staging peaceful protests over increasing police brutality, while many sustained varying degrees of injuries.

According to the group, killing Nigerian youths while staging peaceful protests is a way of depriving them their constitutional rights and a great injustice.

The statement reads:”We join other Nigerians to condemn the incessant intimidation, unlawful arrests and detention, extortion, harassment and killings of Nigerians in the ongoing protest over Police brutality.

“The killings have rather showed how brutal the security operatives have been accessed. These are those who were expected to protect the youths, but rather allowed the armed thugs and hoodlums hijacked the peaceful protest which led to chaos, loss of lives and properties in the affected states particularly, Lagos State.

“We should realise the future of the country lies in the hands of the youths and they cannot remain silent because they have the constitutional rights to protest and demand for what they believe will bring a better Nigeria they all dream of.

“They also have the constitutional rights to peaceful assembly including right to life, right to dignity of a person as well as freedom of expression. However, killing them in the process is depriving them of their constitutional rights, which is injustice to the Nigerian youths.

“Although we appreciate President Muhammadu Buhari for addressing the nation, we expected him to immediately call on these aggrieved youths as a father towards ensuring that their demands are met and douse the tension the ongoing protests have generated.

“We expected him to commensurate with the families of the bereaved and find a way of compensating them as well as grant the departed a befitting burials.

“The youths must be inclusive in governance as a way of giving them sense of belonging and a voice to speak.
Government should take a critical look into the advice of the former president of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo towards finding a lasting solution that would enable the country move forward.

“As we commend the boldness of the Nigerian youths who came out to demand for their rights for a better Nigeria, they should remain peaceful in their agitation and keep alive the struggle for a just, equitable and inclusive Nigeria.

“Sanctions should be deployed against public officials particularly the security personnel who are expected to protect the people, but violated the Nigerian constitution by assaulting the rights of the youths”.

Standup for Women Society (SWS) is an organisation with the aim of speaking with one voice to demand for women’s rights from the general public, corporate bodies and government at all times and all level to ensure that their voices are heard.

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