A glimpse of ongoing traditional rites for the demised Ondo monarch

Following passage of the traditional ruler of Alade Idanre in Ondo State, Oba Ayodele Akinbola,traditional rites have commenced as parts of his burial arrangements.

Reports say that first phase of the rites include trimming of trees in the community while those in the palace were being cut down .

Similarly, goats, dogs and other domestic animals are being killed freely since Friday 16th October 2020 that the monarch joined his ancestors.

Oba Akinbola had joined his ancestors after a brief illness.

The traditional ruler who recently marked his twenty fifth years on the throne passed away at Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital, Ile Ife. Osun State.

High Chief Akinsowon Oladipo, the Lisa of Alade, traditional Prime Minister and next in rank to the late king confirmed the traditional ruler’s demise.

He said his 13 years closeness as High Chief under the late Oba Akinbola let him see him as a lover of his people who was very passionate about the development of his community.

He remembered him as very good in carrying his people along in decision making.

Mrs Ibitola Akinsowon, one of the women leaders in the community described Oba Akinbola as a person who loved peace and always eager to please others. She saw him as a very generous leader.

Chief Toba Akinboro, the Aruwasokun of Alade Idanre said the late Oba was a very loving Oba who always took advice from both young and old.


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