Nig@60: Electoral Reforms is the Way Forward- YVAN

Today, as Nigeria celebrates it’s 60th anniversary, the Young Visioneers’ Association of Nigeria, YVAN, reflects on the ups and downs the country has experienced in its journey to nationhood.

Undoubtedly, the country has had its share of both the good and the bad trying to build a country we can all call our own just as every other country around the world has its own story.

Over the years, the Nigerian youths have paid the ultimate sacrifice of losing their lives in the struggle for a better Nigeria. After the country’s independence in 1960, and followed by the avoidable civil war of 1967 where millions of the youths were killed, the country has continued to relegate the youths to the background in terms of governance.

The electoral provisions in the country has continued to subject the youths to non-major players in the politics and governance of the nation, and has further subjected us to political thugs, bodyguards and praise singers who are only considered relevant when it comes to perpetrating electoral violence.

As Nigeria celebrates it’s 60th anniversary today, we must all push for electoral reforms. The political parties have made it so expensive and difficult to use the platforms to get elective positions. The high cost of contesting elections in Nigeria is one out of the many challenges faced by the youths.

The amended Electoral Acts Bill which has been passed by the National Assembly has made provisions for electronic votings and transmission of election results electronically. Most importantly, it has also placed limits to the amount political parties can collect as nomination fees for various elective positions.

Young Visioneers’ Association of Nigeria calls on the president, Muhammadu Buhari, to, as a matter of patriotism, sign the bill into law to improve elections in the country, create more opportunities and fairness to the youths.

Long Live Nigeria

Ezekiel Temitope Oladimeji
President, Young Visioneers’ Association of Nigeria.

Published by WonderLady

Journalist, Educationist, Writer, Human Rights Advocate

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