TOMATO sellers at Ori Eguru Oritagun Akure backs AKETI for 2nd term

Arabinrin Grassroot Movement (AGM) team yesterday met with the leaders and representatives of Tomato sellers who has over 300 active members in Akure South of Oritagun area on the AKETIDATIWA re-election.

The President of the Tomatoes sellers, Mrs Kemisola Sunday said Akeredolu was a promise keeper, who ensured peaceful market environment by not driving them away in his electoral words in 2016 to date which gives them peace of mind under his administration.

According to her, Akeredolu gave attention to real Market women with stalls than Political Iyaloja Leaders.

She gave accolades to Akeredolu describing him as Mr Talk and Do whom they trust for his promises among such that the market women stalls will not be distrupted if voted for in 2016.

“We operate under such peaceful environment till today.
“The area of empowerment to the active market sellers is to be looked into because we know the “Political Iyalojas or Market Leaders” are more patronised that have stalls in the markets.
“This area should be corrected to help the starved market women that went through traditional financial money lenders at cut throat flat interest rates. The good Micro Credit Scheme of Aketi government has not gotten to the real market women which we hope it will be corrected this time around because we trust Akeredolu intuition as a realist”, she pleaded.

She added that: “Majority of we market women are breadwinners and championing the course of future of our families. For our economy upliftment grant us soft loans or credits to sustain our business.
We are for Mr Talk and Do for his objective and commitments for his continuity”.

Other officers in attendance were Mrs Tinuke Ajayi,Vice President;Mrs Safejo Asekere, Secretary;Mrs Toyin Okiki, Speaker and others

In their responses, AGM Coordinator Engr Patrick Madubuko, Senatorial Women Leader,Olori Olusanya, Mrs Funmilayo Adeyemi,Akure South Coordinator and Mrs Mary Jane Oguonu, Secretary and Mrs Florence Eddy in the entourage thanked them for their genuine interest for the party. With their votes,the observations will be noted for correction which this meeting of one on one sought to achieve as a feedback mechanism in democracy.

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