YVAN hails USA on Visa ban issued to Election Riggers in Nigeria, urges other Western Countries to do same

The Young Visioneers’ Association of Nigeria (YVAN), a Nigerian Youths Forum applauds the United States of America on its recent visa ban handed down to some Nigerian politicians who were involved in electoral malpractices in the previous elections conducted in the country.

On September 14, 2020, the Department of States, through its spokesperson, Morgan Ortagus, had issued a statement containing the long awaited visa ban on some politicians who can better be described as enemies of the country by virtue of their hell-bent involvement in destroying the democratic values of Nigeria by being in the forefront of election rigging in the country.

YVAN, as a leading youth body in Nigeria, notes that the ban is a welcomed development. Though the visa ban and even more stringent measures were long expected, but it is better late than never. The Nigerian youths have been at the receiving end of the many negative effects of electoral malpractices. The politicians who get to occupy political positions through corrupt practices and electoral frauds, end up embezzling public funds meant for the development of the country, and continue to leave the country in perpetual ruins.

The youth group believes that past elections in Nigeria were not free and fair with reference to the recent Kogi and Bayelsa states elections which were a charade of what democratic elections should be. The YIAGA Africa and other foreign observers’ reports corroborate to this stance. The judiciary on its part, has continued to disappoint the Nigerian masses. As against being the last hope of the common man, the judiciary through its judgements on electoral matters, has continued to affirm such electoral frauds committed against the people.

The Nigerian Youths Forum – YVAN – once again appreciate the USA for setting this pace. The appreciation is also extended to the United Kingdom for its recent warning of intention to issuing visa bans and seizure of foreign assets belonging to any politician who engages in electoral malpractices in the fothcoming Edo and Ondo states guber elections. While asking other western countries to also do the same, the youth group therefore encourages the UK to ensure that it keeps to this warning.

It is now obvious that above every other thing, Nigeria needs urgent electoral reforms, and revitalization of the judiciary. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is therefore urged to live by its name and be truly independent.

YVAN National Media Unit

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By Wonderlady

Journalist, Educationist, Writer, Human Rights Advocate

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