Ondo2020: You can’t dictate to party on mode of primary, APC tells aspirants

The All Progressive Congress party, APC, in Ondo State has said that gubernatorial aspirants for the forthcoming election under the umbrella of the party has no right to dictate what mode of primary to be adopted.

In a Statement issued by the Party’s Publicity Secretary Mr Alex Kalejaye, the party described the aggressive agitation of the aspirants who were clamouring for direct primary election as inconceivable.

According to the statement, the constitution of the party stipulates three modes of primary election which is direct, indirect, and consensus, noting however that, it is at the discretion of the Party’s leadership to decide which one to adopt.

It reads: “We wish to place it on record that it is inconceivable that aspirants would dictate to the party on which mode to adopt.

“The chapter is duty-bound to underscore a salient point; that it is the prerogative of the national secretariat to decide which of the modes, spelt out in the party constitution, should be adopted for each state at any point in time.

“For the sake of emphasis, the party’s constitution approves three modes of primaries to select its candidates for an election: direct, indirect and consensus. Any of these could be chosen at random, depending on the discretion of the supervising authority.

“The supervising authority in this regard is the Governor Mai-Mala Buni-led Caretaker Committee, and saddled with the responsibility to decide the option for Ondo State 2020.

“The State is disturbed at inflammatory statements credited to some of the aspirants, especially those laden with threats, to “ensure that the State chapter is brought down”, where the wish is not granted.

“We hold that a committed party member would not embark on actions or utterances that would cast aspersions on its leadership at all levels. He would rather preferred to work assiduously towards the victory of his party at any election.

“It is imperative for aspirants, like students preparing for examination, to abide by the rules and guidelines from the national secretariat, so long these rules are not at variance with the contents of the party constitution.

“The efforts to set a terrible precedent for the party, by allowing aspirants to dictate what mode to adopt for an election, should be invested in quality and decent campaigns to sell their candidacy to party elders, leaders and members. These groups will definitely speak, directly or through the party structures.

“The State secretariat’s concern is to promote all genuine efforts, geared towards a rancour-free primary election; produce a candidate, who will ultimately retain the State for the party, come October.”

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By Wonderlady

Journalist, Educationist, Writer, Human Rights Advocate

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