(Photos)Ondowidows’care: No Govt had done this, beneficiaries in Ondo West confessed

say the programme is well organised

In a scene that indicates undiluted love for Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu’s administration, widows in Ondo West Local Government who gathered at the popular Oba Adesanoye Civic Centre today to receive their portions of the ongoing distribution of palliatives under the Ondowidows’care initiative, praised the initiator of the programme with different songs.

The widows, who gathered in groups singing different songs composed in their dialect, confessed that they had never been recognised like this by past administrations in Ondo State.

At the venue of the distribution, about 500 widows joyfully went home with various food items, while many others who didn’t register were helped by some members of staff of the wife of the governor outside the hall, to enter their data on the ondowidows.com website.

In her reaction, a beneficiary, Mrs. Olawanbi Fatima commended Arabinrin Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu for the initiative, saying: “Since we have been having government right from the time of Alliance for Democracy, I have never witnessed this, they hadn’t remember widows like this, and I pray that the Creators of we the beneficiaries will support this government for providing food to feed our children”.

Mrs. Eunice Oguntimehin said: ” it is a good programme, and I pray that they will be there for 8 years , his second term would be peaceful and convenient for us”.

Also speaking with JATS Online News, Mrs Olatinpo Olatunbosun, a 46 year old widow whose husband died in 2011 disclosed that she had not been involving herself in programmes like this due to the level of rowdiness and disorderliness, but was amazed to see everything well organised without subjecting them to stressful experience before collecting the items.

” I like the way they organise this programme, if others can emulate this style, our people will not be frustrated to participate because there is nothing like rushing, pushing or stampede”, she concluded.

On her part, Mrs Ojo Florence said: “God will continue to be with them, they will not go hungry in life, we are very happy with what they did for we the widows, by the grace of God, the governor will be reelected”.

A 43 year old widow, Mrs. Adetunji Oluwaseun expressed delight in the gesture, saying ” Although, I’m a young widow, has never heard that past governments had done this for widows before now; we are very happy that Arabinrin remember the widows, I pray that they will rule Ondo State for eight years, but Arabinrin should continue to take care of us and our hearts will keep praying for her”.

Mrs Agbaje Eunice stated that ” when I was called I was surprised because I didn’t know it is real; I’m very happy because it comes at a right time”, while Mrs Adewole Adelanke, thanked the initiator and prayed that she would live long with the Governor.

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