‘Agboola’s Defection: We must begin to sympathise with Akeredolu’

Days before defection of Hon Agboola Ajayi,the Deputy Governor, Ondo State, we have read several diminutive passes for and against the Executive Governor, H.E Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN whose relationship had gone awry & frosty the very moment they were sworn-in to serve Ondo State.

Agboola had claimed in many circumstances that his boss had not treated him so well enough to persist the “cordial” relationship. Meanwhile, the Governor who picked his Deputy days after the primary election did this without overwhelming support from APC. In fact, the picking of Agboola was almost shrouded in secrecy. Nobody knew if the Deputy Governor was even APC at the time. It all happened in a gymnastic manner.

Setting out to work, I consider more important that the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic Of Nigerian, as amended vest Executive power in the Governor with the Deputy Governor as Subordinate, commonly regarded as “Spare tire/room”

By implication, the intendment of the Constitution would only be that the Governor can so decide to expand, accommodate & place so much importance in the office of his Deputy while exercising his discretion and, or, otherwise decide to keep him only as mere “spare tire….”

Unfortunately, the public which we all represent have not noticed any such act of master-slave between the Governor & his Deputy since the administration begun. Instead, we had overtime observed that the Deputy Governor enjoyed filial relationship to the extent that he attended all meeting for and on behalf of the State Government as well as the Governor.

Hon.Agboola Ajayi further enjoys the political clout of an office the Governor himself decided to make functional. In order words, more power were vested in that office of the Deputy Governor such that it became obvious that Agboola Ajayi had taken control of the State Assembly with some legislators on his side.

Can we say Hon Agboola Ajayi, the Deputy Governor truly has the majority of Assembly members and in fact, as argued, owns the structure of the party as well as enormous influence to wit, he considers the need to act more importantly in his recent decision to defect to PDP?

Ladies and gentlemen, the above paragraph is the reason we must re examine a few contradiction to avoid suppositions and needless distraction. Or, largely, to avoid any act of manipulation, twisting & distortion of facts. They say, facts are sacred! I, therefore, pause to ask these salient questions:

Would a Deputy Governor who enjoys good relationship with the Governor claim otherwise given obvious but incontrovertible circumstances wherein he had oftentimes represented the Governor in all public functions, meetings (both at the State & National/federal). This is not limited to administrative but also political deliberation across and within the State.

Would a Deputy Governor who by whatever means emerged the lieutenant of Ondo State Executive Governor claim the Governor who in his magnanimity settled to singlehandedly picked him otherwise conclude hastily that the Governor never liked him?

Would a Deputy Governor who enjoys almost equal political relationship with associates and allies claim he was isolated and denied that fundamental rights to freedom of association with either members of the party or, political big wigs in order to promote the government and to wit, he leverages on till date? Or, how else would one consider his acclaimed enormous strength and influence in the State Assembly of Ondo State were it not the unlimited & unfettered access he enjoyed from the Executive Governor to so act, however, not against the interest of the State, his party or, the government he represents.

Premised on the above facts, a discerning mind must sit back and ask questions why the Deputy Governor would choose to rock the boat and cause needless pandemonium from within the glass house they both rented. Would Hon Agboola Ajayi indeed & action truly claim the Governor was anytime unfair to him in the manner the party structure was handed over to him like a political consultant?

We challenge and ask that discerning minds should see between the lines and make reasonable inferences. It is either #Aketi handed the State in trust or, wilfully gave the entire political structure to Agboola to keep while he goes about the business of governance.

Perhaps I should think #Aketi who has been adjudged naive and politically incompetent decided to vest interest in his lieutenant who must not only guard but ensure that the home-front was always kept safe for sound sleep. Unfortunately, he lost the right to administer the entire state as it were. Mr. Governor, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN may have steathily entered a contract in trust and had impliedly given enormous power to Hon. Agboola Ajayi, his Deputy Governor, who now uses this enormous influence against him.

For whatever reason, it is more dangerous to have an enemy within than hundreds of thousands without. In politics, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN may have learnt a better & painful lesson through this process. However, something could yet keep an open minded person safe from politically motivated nightmare & self inflicted injuries. It is, however, double jeopardy for Mr. Governor to assume Hon Agboola Ajayi would act his best interests regardless the strength of brotherhood. Agboola Ajayi has manifestly exhibited that interest ranks above anything else. He had always wanted to be a Governor!

Obviously, the people would upon the foregoing as well as unfolding developments in the days ahead, decide whether or not the Governor, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN acted inconsistent with the doctrine of Natural Justice wherefore the Deputy Governor drew strength, relevance, influence, enormous powers and potentials for competition as it were TODAY.

Did the Governor truly use the Deputy Governor as mere spare tire in the exercise of his functions?. Assuming without conceding that, inordinate ambition & desperation may have informed certain decision, Is it proper to conclude that the Governor was politically naive in bringing Agboola Ajayi as Deputy Governor from the blues…..?

We must wake up our conscience and remain very conscious of the theatrics playing out. Can reasonable minds see beyond the imbroglio & impasse between parties and even conclude without scintilla of doubt that the Deputy Governor is not acting bona fide but Mala fide against the interest of the party whereupon he ascended the privileged position of the Deputy Governor as well as against the interest of his own brother who invited him to come join in the service of humanity. Yet, who although resigned from APC the platform for emergence as Deputy Governor but who again had vowed to resist any attempts to excuse him as Deputy Governor relying on judicial precedent #AtikuObasanjo and forgetting that the case is not on all fours impari materia in that Obasanjo declared vacate the seat of Atiku immediately he defected.

The court held that it was inconceivable and of course, unconstitutional to declare vacate the seat of the Deputy who had joint ticket with the president. In the above case, no such act by Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu is inconsistent with the letters & spirit of the constitution. Not even the least attempt to impeach the Deputy Governor like Kogi State & others.

What could really be the issues. We must unmask & unveil. We must lift up the veil and covering helmets to see our true colours. Let no man hoodwink the unsuspecting public by taking advantage of our simplicity.

For Ondo State, we thrust our hands into moving the State beyond pecuniary interests and to this extent, we examine, assess, evaluate and make informed opinions of events to ensure the sun never stops shining.

Let all hands be on deck. Sentiments of whatever type, kind or nature must be put in abeyance. We must also deconstruct any lie or deliberate falsehood to take ownership of our dear State and promote, among other things, her inherent values.

I conclude, 4years cannot be enough to evaluate a man and determine otherwise his good heart. Only a care free politician undermines the implicit implication of a roof set on fire while sleeping with eyes closed.

My sympathy goes to Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN who is today adjudged “unfit” & politically naive for ever trusting so much power to his lieutenant. He literarily gave out the key & lock. Would the original tenant who took rent & paid due-ly and had kept & acted in accordance with the Covenants & agreement of the office & mandate vested in him by the good people of Ondo State be displaced like that?

We shall rather re-think, re-strategize & re-examine the context of all surrounding circumstances to properly situate our interests. This interest, however, cannot be driven solely by pecuniary benefits in money’s worth. No! We must think progress and re-establish the basis of our relationship going forward.

The Executive Governor should within the limited period unwrap & strip off the imaginary naivity imposed on him by detractors. He must be gamed like his Deputy Governor who is battle prepared to slug it out. He must equally come out of shell in search for young minds who are vibrant and equally prepared to manifestly demonstrate loyalty. He must not quickly adduce recent development to failure of on the part of our youth in manning with confidence the trust of a boss and perhaps conclude no one would be trusted going forward.

Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN. Do not foreclose your good intentions by unwilfully bringing young minds to leadership. Some of us out there are good examples who can demonstrate loyalty and espouse confidence.

For whatever reason, I insist that the 1999 Constitution of Federal Republic Of Nigerian (as amended) which provides for the office of Governor & Deputy Governor didn’t envisage or, contemplate the likelihood of rilvary and needless competition. The drafters were extremely careful to vest all powers in the Executive Governor OF A STATE on whose discretion the Deputy Governor breathe(benefits), therefore, no conflict should arise let alone making attempts to outshine the master!

It is therefore not a right per se for a Deputy Governor to assume more by overreaching him/herself. The Constitution is clear & unambiguous about the non-existent of that office in substance but form. Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN probably decided otherwise to make the Deputy more relevant on account of “Trust”.

Days ahead will be interesting, Stay tune!

Faseesin Olasumbo Esq
Convener, Conscience Conscious Youth Patriot.

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By Wonderlady

Journalist, Educationist, Writer, Human Rights Advocate

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