Sotitobire Saga: Hearing continues today as court played video clips presented by 8th witness

The Eighth witness testified today at the ongoing trial of the founder of Sotitobire Praising Centre, Akure, Alfa Babatunde, over the missing 13-months old child, Kolawole Gold in November 10, 2019 with video clips  played as an evidence.

A member of the prosecuting team, Mrs Grace Olowoporoku, had, last week sought court permission to add more witnesses in the case which the court granted.

The Eighth witness, one Mr Akanbi Adekunle, who is a technician of the Department of State Security Service, yesterday appeared in the witness box before Justice Olusegun Odusola, and testified on how he was directed to supervise the taking of statement from 1st to 6th defendants.

He narrated how he was also directed to extract a video clip from a Hp laptop labeled karaole, recovered from one Niyi Egunjobi of the media department of Sotitobire Praising Chapel Oshinle, Akure during the cause of investigation in the case.

He added that the video clip contained a press interview and a rally held by the first defendant, founder of Sotitobire,Alfa Babatunde.

According to him, he copied the video from the HP laptop with the use of his official flash drive which he later transfered and burnt into eight CDs. He tendered the CDs to the court as exhibits.

“These statements were recorded with my official Sony digital video camera recorder with serial number DCRSX33E , which came with a USB cable and a memory card and was sanctified.

Mr Olusola Oke, lawyer representing the 1st, 2nd and the 4th defendants, acknowledged the fact that 2 CDs were served on him and a certificate of identification, but rejected the videos, said saying, they were not relevant according to section 84 of the Evidence Act.

He prayed the court to reject both the certificate and purported video stating that it was predated.

After series of arguments, the court declined the counsel’s prayer and received the video clips as exhibits. The video clips were played in the courtroom for both parties to watch.

The video revealed where Alfa Babatunde had boasted that he had nothing to do with the case unless the parents of the child would come through the right channel, and beg before he could pray for the recovery of the missing child.

In this video, the officers of the Department of State Security Service asked him what he meant by the word ” come through the right channel and beg”. He responded in the video that ” it is because the parents of missing child has told the Deji of Akure at his palace that he has not been praying concerning the missing child, and I expected them to come to me, so that we can pray together.”

According to the statement of Omodara Olayinka, the 2nd defendant in the case, a worker at the Church children’s department who had been worshipping in the church for three years, and incharge of the children register, confirmed that Kolawole Gold was brought to the church on that day by two women.

In her statement through the video clips played in the courtroom, she said, the child was duly registered on that day and after some minutes, one of the women came to feed the child with rice served in a nylon. Thereafter, the second woman also came with juice but I cannot ascertain if the feeding child was the one that got missing. Also, I do not know the mother of the missing child until the missing alert.”

She disclosed that herself, other Ushers and the parent of the missing child had sworn to an oath at Deji’s palace.

However, the prosecutions which was led by the Ondo State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Mr Adekola Olawoye, sought the court for an adjournment.

Odusola, therefore adjourned the case till today, June 16, 2020 for continuation of hearing.

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