#Rape: Our advocacy ‘ll be fruitless without a Bill to back it, Mrs Akeredolu tells women groups

…says women carry major responsibility in child upbringing and should be empowered

…urges mothers to raise their boys to respect womanhood

Wife of Ondo State Governor, Arabinrin Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu has called on the House of Assembly to make an encompassing bill that would protect the girl child against rape and provide welfare for the victims of the dastardly act.

Mrs. Akeredolu made the call while addressing groups of women who organised a peace protest to the government House Ground Alagbaka earlier today to express their dissatisfaction to the recent increase of rape incidents in the society.

She emphasised the need for a bill for appropriation of fund under the Ministry of Women Affairs to cater for the victims of rape, including mandatory free treatment at government hospitals, and their rehabilitation process, noting that without such a law, frequent protests were mere wasted efforts.

According to her, aside the enactment of such law, enforcement should be given utmost attention, while stressing the need to pursue rape cases to a logical conclusion.

Mrs. Akeredolu who reiterated her commitment to fight rape cases, advocated empowerment for women, saying the major responsibility of parenting rest on their shoulders.

She decried the rate of absentee fathers in our society, noting that most husbands neglect their families in one way or another, leaving the responsibility of parenting to wives alone, hence the need for them to be adequately empowered.

She enjoined mothers to teach their boy child to respect womanhood, saying if those men who are perpetrating the evil act of rape were well brought up, the society would be free from the criminal act.

She described it as double tragedy for females in this current dispensation, as rapists had graduated from just causing the victims everlasting stigmatization to killing after being raped.

“It is the duty of women to raise their boys to respect womanhood. We have majority of men in this country that are absentee fathers which was evident when we did crawlers’ competition to promote parenting and it dawn on us that the responsibility of parenting rest on the shoulder of our mothers and that’s why our women must be empowered to enable them carry this responsibility”, She said.

The wife of the governor also urged mothers to instil some moral values in their girls, affirming that female child got potential to contribute meaningfully to the society if given the opportunity.

She, therefore, appealed to the women groups not to relent in their efforts of championing the cause of the girl-child, adding that she had also approached some members of the House of Assembly who are concerned about womanhood on how to find a lasting solution to the menace.

The women groups, led by the National Council of Women Societies, are: Nigeria Association of Women Journalists, Federation of Female Lawyers, Female Civil Defence Officers, Women-Led NGOs, Female Police Officers, Gender-based NGOs, He4She groups, among others.

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By Wonderlady

Journalist, Educationist, Writer, Human Rights Advocate

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