#Rape: Olubola Adeleye Foundation mentors girls in Ondo

With the growing menace of rape incidents becoming a regular occurrence in several states in Nigeria, the Olubola Adeleye Foundation organized a mentoring session with female teenagers with ages ranging from 14-23 years, on the issue of rape.

The mentoring session was held inside the Community Hall of the New King’s palace, in Ilara Mokin, which lasted for two hours.

It was an engaging and interactive mentoring session with the young girls, most of them were in universities, within and outside Ilara Mokin, and some have completed their secondary school.

The mentoring session, anchored by Mrs Olubola Adeleye, with a small group of teenage girls, discussed in depth about the pervasive incidence of rape.
To a considerable degree, she explained
that rape can take different forms.
The first is when a girl or lady is sexually attacked forcibly by a man against her will. This most common type of rape can take place when the girl is conscious.

Another type of rape, which is usually attributable drugs, is when a girl’s drink has been spiked to make her unconscious. This will prevent the rape victim from remembering the events leading to, or immediately recall the rape incident.

Usually, when rape incidents occur, the victim knows the abuser. On other occasions, strangers tend to perpetrate this dastardly act.

Further to the important message Mrs Adeleye passed on to the girls, she admonished them on how not to be victims of rape. The first tenable advice she gave was that the girls should endeavor to dress responsibly at all times.
Secondly, the girls should not give mix signals of wanting to have sexual intercourse with a man.

In addition, they should refrain from visiting the house of a male, known or unknown to them, without being accompanied by other individual.

Finally, Mrs Adeleye reserved the most important message till last by advising the young teenage girls to always speak to their parents and report any man that makes sexual advances at them.

Equally too, when in doubt, and the girls feel insecure or suspicious about the motives of a man, Mrs Adeleye advised the girls to immediately move away and alert the attention of other people. She closed by remarking that the girls should strictly adhere to other safety measures about keeping safe from rape incidents.

In guiding these teenage girls on the right path, the girls listened, interacted, imbibed a lot of life lessons, and they had fun.

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By Wonderlady

Journalist, Educationist, Writer, Human Rights Advocate

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