Sotitobire Saga: Court admits Church register, rejects application to unfreeze Prophet’s accts

….prosecution to call fresh witnesses

The church register that had the toddler’s name on the day Gold Kolawole went missing at the Sotitobire Praising Chapel, Akure has been admitted as exhibit in the ongoing trial of founder of the church, Prophet Alfa Babatunde

The court presided over by Justice Olusegun Odusola also rejected an application by Prophet Babatunde’s lawyer to unfreeze his 5 accounts freezed by the DSS.

Prophet Alfa Babatunde and six other church members are standing trial on three-count including conspiracy to commit felony to wit: aiding and abbeting kidnapping, aiding and abetting to kidnap and destroying evidence.

During examination in chief by the Prosecution, Olakunle Adedayo who the seventh witness for the Prosecution said he was the head of the team that investigated the case following petitions from the Ondo state House of Assembly and many other bodies.

He claimed that the Seventh defendant, Peter Anjorin made away with prophet Babatunde’s Samsung Galaxy note 10 phone and had tampered with the recent call logs upon returning it days later.

Adedayo also alleged that some of the ushers claimed to have seen some strange faces who fed Gold Kolawole and another child with rice from a nylon bag and upon an identification parade, the mother and the baby’s aunt could not be linked to the strange faces.

During cross examination, the defence counsel faulted DSS’s  claims that Peter Anjorin made way with phone as the statement before the secret service indicated the prophet said his phone was with the anti kidnapping unit of the police.

The court however admitted as exhibit, the church’s attendance register where it was confirmed that  gold’s name was No 87 on the list of registered children for the service.

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