My attention has been drawn to a write up on the above subject matter by one, Mr Olujimi Adekanle JAF, a human rights activist.

Well, I personally don’t know who he is nor does he know me either but I read with dismay the write up on our great association (BRECAN) by the man. There are flaws in what he wrote, most especially what he wrote about the patient.

The little truth in what he said is that there was a breast cancer patient from Ondo South Senatorial District whose upper body pic was put on a pamphlet and also there was a Care Taker Committee Chairperson that introduced this patient to Her Excellency.

Apart from these two facts other things Mr Olujimi Adekanle JAF wrote are not correct.
I am a consultant general surgeon working in FMC Owo and a member of BRECAN, and I am glad to be a member of this great and life saving association. I want Mr JAF to know that BRECAN is different from other NGOs out there.

First of all understand that BRECAN plays a great role in Cancer Care throughout Nigeria and not only in Ondo State. BRECAN participates in Cancer Care in two major ways:

  1. Cancer Prevention through public education, research Counseling etc.
  2. Cancer treatment through funding of cancer treatments for cancer patients. BRECAN refer patients with cancer to centers where they can be properly treated such as FMC Owo. And BRECAN does all these NOT WITHOUT money. A lot of patients sent to FMC are backed up with money for the treatment.
  3. The public is quite aware of this BRECAN magnanimity and financial help hence some patients are first sent to BRECAN office before coming to us in FMC Owo. The case is not too different with the patient from Okitipupa who was introduced to Her Excellency by the then Chairperson. As usual she was referred to me in FMC Owo by BRECAN. I received the patient as usual and, clerked and examined her and made recommendation’s and also discussed with her and relatives all the modalities of treatment with all encouragements. BUT THE PATIENT REFUSED THE MEDICAL TREATMENT CITING SPIRITUAL REASONS. She said her prophet warned her not to take injection or accept any hospital treatment. And since we don’t have power over her we couldn’t force her to take our treatment neither could we stop her from dying knowing that the disease has already overpowered her having allowed it to spread in her body. Some of the flaws in Mr Mr Olujimi Adekanle JAF’s write up include the following. That the woman came from Araromi Obu whereas in her hospital card she came from Okitipupa. Mr JAF said the woman was examined in general hospital, but this is not true, I was the one that examined her in FMC Owo. That the woman was expecting to be called for the money for treatment. Well, I wish to state categorically that we called this woman to come for the treatment since money for the treatment was ready with BRECAN, but she refused, it was then she told us her prophet said she shouldn’t take any hospital treatment or injection. It is always good to confirm the facts before writing anything for public reading. I believe Mr JAF will take note of this.
  4. We have had several patients in whom we make cancer diagnosis at FMC Owo but would not accept our hospital treatment citing different reasons for not complying with our counseling and treatment.
    I remember a 26 year old post NYSC girl who presented with stage 3 right breast Cancer in 2018. Her case was taken to Her Excellency who was moved with compassion and released money without much protocol. Unfortunately the young girl came to my office and said she has made a covenant with God that no part of her body will go to the ground before her day of death referring to her rejecting mastectomy as part of the treatment which in that case was mandatory. I could remember Her Excellency and I and also Dr Olaniyi kept talking and expecting the young lady who never came. Dr Olaniyi kept calling her to come for her money that was ready in BRECAN office for the treatment but she refused. After sometime she started dodging our calls until she completely cut us off up till now we don’t know where she is, but I believe that she is not alive having refused treatment.
    There are many of such cases, and they have paid dearly for their abnormal decisions. That was what happened to the woman from Okitipupa.
    I believe that BRECAN would not become discouraged because of false accusations. Let us keep educating the public, let us keep researching, it is helping. Let’s continue the financial assistance to those in need whenever it is available.
    BRECAN reward is from God and not man
    BRECAN—-giving hope, saving lives.
    Long live BRECAN and Her Excellency. Long live Ondo State. My name is DR Katung I Aba, Consultant General Surgeon, writing from Owo Ondo State.
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By Wonderlady

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