‘#OndoWidowsweb: A departure from analogue data gathering to directly reach widows, for research purpose’

Wife of the Ondo State Governor, Arabinrin Betty-Anyanwu Akeredolu has explained the rationale behind setting up of Ondo-widows’ website, saying its main purpose was to have their extensive data for easy distribution of palliatives to them being the most vulnerable individuals affected by the COVID-19 lockdown.

Aside that, she hinted that the generated data which was already up to a thousand within four days, would also help both local and international researchers in the nearest future.

Mrs. Akeredolu who said this during an interactive virtual session on Instagram with the founder of AGS Tribe, a feminism organisation.

Speaking on the topic: ” Women Empowerment Principles: Turning 3 Decades of Lessons into Ambitious Action”, the Ondo State First Lady noted that gone were the days women were positioned as second class citizens, saying every woman must strive to be economically-empowered regardless of the level of education acquired.

She again called for adequate female representation in Nigerian political landscape and governance in order to have informed policies and decisions that would be advantageous to womanhood.

According to her, feminism meant equal opportunities for male and female folks in the society but was seen by African society as toxic and a means of competing with men, frowning at the way women were subjected to inferiority.

She described education of girl children as very important before women could be courageous to seek seats at the decision-making table.

She noted that the archaic African tradition that subjugated women had led to a couple of female in some sectors, including technology, which her BEMORE Summer Boot camp initiative tended to correct that female possesses potential to be explored, if given the opportunities like her male counterpart.

Mrs. Akeredolu said it was a little bit difficult for her to champion the feminism cause as an ordinary citizen, but now leveraged on the office of the First Lady to pursue the goal of encouraging women to let out their voices in the society, including breeding the future generations of female technology leaders.

She added that computer literacy was apt in this digital world, noting that no one knew that global crisis like COVID-19 would hit the world keeping children out of schools, therefore leading to educational setback as the level of technology usage was still low in Nigeria to aid e-learning.

Still speaking on the importance of data, Mrs Akeredolu said, being a Public Health Specialist, she understood the essence of data, hence, the reason she initiated the Accelerated Birth Registration with the support of Monarchs’ wives in Ondo State through ‘Olori Connection’, (Queens’ Connection).

She enjoined women to embrace self-development by attending seminars, workshops and join organisations that support womanhood, while emphasising the need for government and well-meaning individuals to promote advancement programmes that were geared towards empowering women, the likes of BEMORE Summer Boot camp.

She further implored women to identify their position in the society and work on it, while charging the younger ones to look up to the elderly women for advice and align themselves with progressive women.

The BEMORE Founder urged women to fellowship with one another and be their sisters’ keeper rather than being destablised by the insinuation in some quarters that women don’t support fellow woman who is ambitious.

Addressing the rate of marital relationship failure and domestic violence suffered by nowadays wives, Mrs. Akeredolu blamed some mothers for the failure to raise their sons well to respect women.

According to her, parents should desist from expecting marital relationship of this current generation to be like theirs, and should not raise boys in a way that would make them look superior to the girls.

She, however, advised ladies not to run after material-comfort, but should rather be determined to build a home with a man by being financially independent in order to be respected by their husbands.

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By Wonderlady

Journalist, Educationist, Writer, Human Rights Advocate


  1. Good development in ondo state. But our women in rural area especially ondo east my local government we find it difficult to communicate in media as far am concerned l will always update whom are under my leadership. Thank you Ma for this programme


  2. This is a laudable program,especially in the area of generating widows’ data for research activities. I do hope such databank can be easily accessed for research purposes both now and in future. Kudos to our government.

    Liked by 1 person

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