IPPIS: SSANU points out anomalies on members’ salaries, to embark on indefinite strike

Following the discovery of obnoxious deductions from members’ salaries in February, March, and April as a result of their agreement with the Federal Government to key in to the compulsory Integrated Payroll and Personal Information System, IPPIS, the Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities, is set to embark on a total strike action.

According to a Press Release made available to JATS ONLINE NEWS by SSANU chairman from FUTA, Comrade Dele Durojaye, the association called on the Federal Government to quickly adjust the anomalies or face strike action by May 30th 2020.

The statement reads: “You will recall that our Union keyed into the IPPIS after the NEC meeting of our Union sometimes in 2019 which led to the capturing of our members into the platforms of the IPPIS in November up to December 2019 with an understanding that all the peculiarities in the university system, particularly pertaining to our members would be adequately addressed, especially the issues of allowances as contained in our 2009 agreements with the Federal government, the issues of appointments and promotions, increments, third party deductions among other issues put forward and accepted by IPPIS.

“We raised a lot of issues as to the sincerity of government with the fears of past disappointments of reneging of agreements and our fears were allayed through various correspondences, meetings and practical sessions where the application was displayed and all issues brought forward were fully addressed.

“After exhausting all the queries raised and getting satisfactory answers that our union SSANU decided to key into the platform in the overall interest of the system and our members having been assured of taking care of all our peculiarities, it is therefore shocking and embarrassing to us as the first payment on the IPPIS platform is directly opposite of what was presented to us and agreed upon before we keyed into the application.

“All our concerns raised by the unions were never implemented till date and totally disregarded.

“Aside from the breach of trust as it has now manifested in February, March and salary payments, we have witnessed unprecedented anomalies in our members’ salaries thereby forcing us into great hardships which we never expected when we keyed into the IPPIS, such as outright omissions of members salaries, withdrawal of allowances enjoyed before we ventured into IPPIS such as Hazard Allowance, Responsibility Allowance, Call Duty Allowance, Shift Duty Allowance etc which were parts of our 2009 agreement with government were all removed, a development which is totally unacceptable to us.

“Statutory deductions that were supposed to have been based on the Consolidation Basic were placed on Consolidated Gross Salary thereby up shooting deductions and reducing our salary ridiculously. These obnoxious deductions not only ate up the consequential adjustments on the minimum wage but equally ate up a chunk of our old salary”.

The SSANU Chairman further noted that, the National Housing Fund that was stopped through negotiations as far back as year 2003 in the University system because of the moribund nature of the programme was reintroduced and deductions effected from their salaries.

He added that the minimum wage arrears of their members had entered the 14th month unpaid which has equally not been addressed after all Federal Ministries and MDAs has been fully paid since December, 2019.

He said: “The recent development as exhibited by government through IPPIS has shown once again that government can never be trusted and as such, based on what we have been subjected to with the February, March & April salaries, we may not have any other choice than to resist IPPIS immediately after this lock down if our peculiarities and astronomical deductions are not URGENTLY addressed.

“We hereby call on the Federal government to call IPPIS and Accountant General of the Federation to address these issues immediately or face the attendant consequences from 31st May 2020 as the Union may go on total indefinite strike from that day.

“We don’t want the issue of minimum wage arrears and others to become a replica of our Earned Allowances which the Federal government is still owing our members about eight (8) years in arrears”.

He listed the IPPIS shortcomings to include the following:

➡️Unnecessary and untenable delays of salary payments going into the second half of the next month before salaries are paid

➡️Muddling up of salary payments which have led to underpayments in many instances and over and multiple payments in other instances. Wrongful interpretation and implementation of extant document on statutory deductions as it relates to the salaries of staff in the university system.

➡️Non issuance of payslips for three months running, at least staff should have detailed information on what ones income looks like and what has been removed from the income on monthly basis.

➡️Non implementation and even outright withdrawal of extant allowances as agreed in the FGN/SSANU 2009 agreement and other subsequent Memoranda of Understanding

➡️Non payment of arrears of the new National Minimum Wage.
➡️Non remittance of third party deductions such as check-off dues, cooperative and others.

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