The true War of Coronavirus, the bane of human existence

By Emmanuel Ezeigwe

Let every party involved in this secret open war sheath their swords for peaceful coexistence. President Donald Trump may not be wrong after all on his suspicions that this Covid 19 Virus was created. Virus don’t replicate themselves in a deadly manner, it is humans that use them to achieve their aims, mindless of the fatalities it could cause.

Journey with me, as we unravel certain mysteries and truth that surrounds what had brought the world to a sudden halt. Stay tuned to the end as your mind will be jogged to seeker the deeper truths.

This article shall rest on unraveling the hypothetical underground agenda of some known yet unseen forces in conquest to wield control of our existence but shall at the same time be pushing us and our minds to ask rhetorical questions in as much as seek for further and clarified scenery to this opaque unsweetened experience of a pandemic and take a drive through in seeking knowledge to get answers to it’s questions in order to rest our human minds and ensure our thorough safety as the situation at hand is at different points of turns and mutations.

On the account of an ongoing investigation on a vial of bio substance suspected to be NCovid 19, that a transaction involving a US national (Dr Charles Libre) and some nationals of China in a broadcast made by CWBC TV America that the FBI is investigating the case could be a pointer to some players in the game of this pandemic although they are certainly not the only players as there are other power blocs involved.

It is either the case of China Vs America being the major players as stark opponents or they are a team in disguise, fooling the unsuspecting larger Globe and then fatalities as collateral damage which should be well anticipated…

On the 10th April, 2020. A South Korea Health Chief in Seoul lamented that NCovid 19 patients who had recovered and tested negative, discharged but later reported to have been reinfected and tested positive again is of utmost concern… As he pointed out that it is unbelievably unacceptable and said that there is possibility of the Virus being reactivated which causes such a vast reinfection as ordinarily, the blood of recovered Coronavirus patients ought to form a plasma in form of antibodies which will build immunity to future infection of the Virus.

Is this not enough for the world to question it’s source of collective woes and the aim it stands to achieve.

Could our urge for Climate Revolution be a trigger to this as magically it has almost retired and shutdown activities and we have witnessed rapid resurgence of clear atmosphere in major cities across the world where Greenhouse gases tend to generate a massive volume of pollution?

Who or which group of scientists are involved in this quagmire and what’s the aim and what is the end point in the script of tragedy that all inhabitants of the universe has been subjected to either an active or passive cast even our pets, animals like cats are not exempted…

I therefore, will not say that the Whitehouse is involved in this shady deal but could infer that some Big Forces in the US Soil might be involved as some people are seen to be more interested in Radio Frequency Identification Chip Vaccine than they should be fast to seek for the treatment.

It is understandable that vaccine will prevent the infection, looking at the prediction of the possible time the vaccine has been projected to be ready, it calls for question about the urgency for the need of a sure and certified cure of this epidemic. You cannot be focused just on getting the vaccine ready while the infected is dying daily in their thousands and the spread still at it’s high-speed of infecting thousands daily. It is the living that will vaccinate and not the dead. Also, with the strict measures put in place by Many Governments, hunger is also taking it’s deadly toll on the masses especially the underdeveloped and the developing nations of the world.

The Question remains: Why is the World More interested in the vaccine than the treatment? We need the treatment as much as we equally need the vaccine urgently!

Why is Africa a Subject very Prominent in this whole Situation?

Why Mention Africa as a testing ground for the Vaccine yet reporting very low cases and deaths compared to their Asian, European, Australian, and American Counterparts?

Why the Doom Predictions for Africa?

Why the early Supply of Aids from by countries that needs it most to Africa?

Is there a digital or reorganized quest for the conquest of Africa again? Just like the days of Slavery that has left irreversible scars in the heart of Africa…

What is the role of Nigeria in all these?

Why being slow in preventing it by border closures and now resorted to killing the people with unabated hunger and suffering?

Why is the government approach and NCDC figures of confirmed cases and manner of approach to the pandemic under severe questioning, doubts and criticism?

Let’s take a dive to some critical hypothetical answers. Could it be that the reactionary response below might draw us a bit closer to some realities?

They are simply surprised that Africa is yet to record huge deaths or cases and that is why should I trust them..? The conspiracy surrounding the reactivation of the virus to enable it penetrate Africa is somewhat not far from the truth… Why are they worried about Africa so much? Why recommendation of the vaccine test on Africans? They said it takes the virus 14 days to manifest if u contract it. It is already 3 month plus and we are still given a handful report and no death on the street yet as projected by WHO, Melinda Gates etc. (Yes there deaths but not as projected or compared to other continents).

Are they planning something that is yet to hit us sooner and they will turn around to say that they foresaw it?

Are they cooking up something sinister that will make them jeer at Africans in the end?

Remember when the virus is even yet to break out in Africa, when WHO came out to say that Africans show prepare for the worst.
There’s a lot hidden behind those words.
Why didn’t they see the worst coming to Spain, US and Italy?

Why Africa?

You may wonder why they are evacuating their citizens despite having more cases and death so far…

Africa is the fastest growing population in the world now and it is projected that by 2050, African population will surpass that of Asia… Nigeria being the fastest growing with annual rate of 2.6 which is the highest in the world… Ethiopia, Congo and Egypt are also growing rapidly… By that time, Nigeria population will be higher than USA… USA will also be below Congo, Ethiopia et al….. Presently, Nigeria fertility rate is at 5.0 including other African countries… which means that African women give more birth…

Do u now see the need for Africans to wake up and examine this Pandemic and seek to know other hidden agenda? Could it be another form of re-colonilisation?
Remember that we have more young and active populations(‘Economic age) and it is threat to the Western world whose population is already aging and the growth rate is very low…

Could this really be the case?

The developed world has and ageing population. Western Europe in particular is the worst hit.
Germany currently is seeking young professionals to fill up vacant positions in their country.
They have a seriously aging population. Most of the Young ones do not want to pass through the university, they’re mostly carried away by popular culture of entertainment and the likes.
For this reason, there’s a dearth of skilled workers to fill up vacant positions.
It is said that the Munich alone is looking for 13,000 skilled workers.
You can imagine what the figure will be for the entire country.

It’s a serious demographic issue that can affect their economy in future..

Another sets of critical questions still comes to mind…

What are we missing out here that is right before our eyes yet hidden?

Why will the Chinese Government place a sudden restriction into the research on the origin of the Virus by Scientists and Doctors?

There is need to have the knowledge on the origin and emergence of a disease so as to understand it’s form of mutations and reactions in order to be able to provide a good and quality cure and prevention.

Does The World Health Organization (WHO), have a role to play in this whole script? As has been presumed by President Donald Trump of the United States of America.

Why will their be a quick follow up of the Chinese Government action of restriction into the investigation of the origin of the Virus by The American Government of President Donald Trump against The WHO? By announcing that the USA will be withdrawing it’s funding on the Coronavirus…

Note: the WHO lamented that the announcement will be major setback and Bill Gates also attacked the decision of his own government.

These is not just for raising an ordinary inquiry but to raise a critical inquiry into the whole case as one is expected to see and reason beyond the surface level of things as the Script of This Pandemic Plays out…

Why was WHO so slow to declare the full status of this Coronavirus as a Pandemic while the result and the fatal direction it was headed was imminent and obvious?

Is Bill and Melinda Gates involved?

Why is Melinda Gates predicting death doom of seeing corpses littered on the streets of Africa?

What does she know that we don’t?

Who are the players in this game?

This is not just a game of chess, it’s a combination of games, which involves the game of cards. Is African Agenda on this pandemic their Trump Card?

Melinda Gates as an American have every ounce to be bothered about the High rate of the epidemic in America, as America leads the World in number of confirmed NCovid 19 cases and deaths, but she is more worried about Africa that is yet to record 20,000 cases nor up to 10,000 deaths compared to America’s Alarming case.

Which countries are involved? And the players?

This Virus has a case of it’s origin being suspected to be America though known to have been first detected in Wuhan China and it’s first epicenter of Outbreak.

But certain investigations shows that some American National and Chinese National might have been equally involved in this quagmire although yet to be proven true or otherwise. Where is this truly from and where is it headed and for what purpose?

Is China playing an underground game to rope America while they proceed with their agenda?

Why was their a delay and or withholding of information which would have made America to be better prepared in their containment measures against the outbreak of the Virus?

Why will WHO continue to change their positions at all times even on antibody tests?

Why is WHO projecting about 300,000 deaths for Africa on Coronavirus?

Are they now messengers of death and doom rather than hope and life?

Who Should not forget that the world reveres them as it is believed that they work with world class experts, or could they have allowed politics taken hold of them rather than their primary purpose?

These and many more questions needs answers…

Drawing the conclusion for this piece here doesn’t mean that the search for the Truth is over, the things written here are not conspiracies or conspiracy theory as some may want to call it but with true facts with recourse to international news and research.

Conclusively, The US Intelligence can’t be far from the truth by saying that the Virus originated from a Lab in Wuhan than a sea food market as projected by the Chinese government and media.

If it is not so, why restrict research and investigation into the origin of the Virus?

Note: French President Emmanuel Macron made a statement for the world Leaders to come together and form a truce for a way forward out of this Quagmire that has battered the world in Health and Economy wise and more… What is the underlying meaning of the above statement beyond settlement of known disputes?

Just as France President Emmanuel Macron has pointed out that we shouldn’t be so naive by accepting all that China projected about the Virus and their approach to it as there is some knowledge gap – deeper than we can see and think… I’m ending this with ellipsis as the search and quest for truth, and the race back to normal life continues, you can do well to add your thoughts as it’s unending…

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By Wonderlady

Journalist, Educationist, Writer, Human Rights Advocate

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