How 10 years old was found dead in mechanical workshop a day after disappearance in Ekiti

Barely five days that a 35-year-old woman was gruesomely murdered in Iyin Ekiti, a corpse of a 10-year-old girl known as Taye was recovered inside a stationed vehicle at a mechanic workshop in Ado-Ekiti, the Ekiti State capital on Thursday morning.

The girl, who was said to be living with her single mother and her twin sister, got missing on wednesday, before her corpse was discovered in the workshop behind their street in Ajilosun area of Ado-Ekiti.

JATS Online News learnt through a resident of Ajilosun, that her mother was dating a young man who eventually led a search party to where the decomposing body of the girl was found.

According to the informant, who affirmed that the Ado Police command raided some guys who were suspected to be Yahoo Plus guys, the boyfriend of the girl’s mother was also suspected.

He explained that the late girl left home on the said date wearing the RCCG vest, and the pieces of the cloth was found inside the room of one of the street guys, including a syringe suspected to have been used to drain her blood. This led to the search for the girl whose body was discovered with bruises over her body at the workshop behind the street.

Her body was taken away by the police while some suspects were arrested.

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By Wonderlady

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