Olu Agolisa Amudipe community seeks Akeredolu’s quick intervention on land dispute, calls for calm

The Olu Agolisa Amudipe in Akure South Local government, Chief Adekunle Ajanaku has appealed for calm among his people, saying the crisis on land dispute between them and Oluloye/Arijodi family is already before the governor of the state.

Speaking with Journalists after some arrested members of the community were released to him on self-recognition, by the AIG’s men from Osogbo, he appealed to Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN, to quickly look into the documents before him and save their inheritance from being ceded to grabbers who wants to use political influence on them.

They are begging Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN, to investigate the basis on which the ministry of justice issued legal advice to Ministry of physical planning to grant layout on a land without valid court judgement on ownership.

They further appealed to the Governor to set up a panel to review all judgements and circumstances surrounding the land dispute, and direct the ministry to suspend the illegal layout approval issued to Oluloye family pending the determination of the panel report.

“A day before yesterday, some policemen invited some of my community leaders, they honoured the invitation bcs earlier before now we were before the CP, and the area commander on the same matter but the CP with his wisdom following the COVID 19 Protocol advised all parties to wait that when the situation gets normal, he would invite all of us for a round table conference to review what is on the ground.

“But we were surprised that the people came from Osogbo based on petition, went to my community and arrested five people who were tagged as thugs but who weren’t actually thugs but children of descendants who have been defending their father’s heritage. Two were released midway based on the AIG’s intervention while three spent the night there.

“I went there yesterday with some of my community leaders to interview with AIG. When we got to the AIG, we met our opponents there, led by Chief Niyi Delly, the Obasunmisoye of Akureland, and one Chief Sina Omotayo the Lupona who supposed to be our neighbouring community. The AIG was very very receptive and understanding, he took time to listen to both sides to get the true picture of the story. He was very civil and professional.

“After the review, the AIG, Mallam Basir Makama in his wisdom, decided that all parties should go back to the CP sometime next week to present documents over the purported ownership of the land in dispute. He graciously released the three people that were arrested to me on self-recognition that they should be cautioned and not forment trouble.

These were the statements of the Olu Agolisa Amudipe community in Akure South Local governm while narrating his ordeal to journalists on the recent crisis in his community, due to the proctracted land dispute between the community and a family, Oluloye/Arijodi family who came up to claim the possession of the community after the demise of their forefathersm

Speaking on the layout approval given to their opponent by the State Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban development, the Olu Of Agolisa Amudipe noted that his forefathers had been in possession since time immemorial, formerly known as Ponna nla Uwaji before it was renamed the current name. He was therefore confused on what basis the state Ministry issued them such.

Chief Ajanaku, who disclosed that he was installed as the Olu of Agolisa by the late Deji of Akure, Oba Adebiyi Adesida Afunbiowo 11, added that they have been in court since 1969 when her grandmother, the then regent of the community started noticing trespass on the land.

He explained that, his grandmother, Madam Mary Oni Amudipe,who took over the rulership of the community after the demise of her father, the first inhabitant of the land and longest Lisa in Akureland between 1905-1955, discovered the trespass and took the case to Customary Court.

The Lisa daughter was the Regent of Lisa in Akure ki

The ruling of the customary court favoured her grandmother and the court of appeal ordered the other party to present their evidence of ownership which they didn’t present till now. Read details of the history here https://justambitioustoserveinfo.com/2020/05/15/land-dispute-how-our-forefather-acquired-agolisa-community-from-deji-odundun-1-amudipes/

He continued: “The case was not heard at the supreme Court, ownership wasn’t decided, it was after then that we waited for 15years for them to present their evidence before the court as directed by high court and the western court of appeal but they didn’t. Maybe because of their ignorance, they were looking at the Supreme court not hearing the case as a victory. The case wasn’t heard because it was filed out of time, only for them to come back in 2008 for falsible entry.

“In the process of falsible entry I reported them to the police and they were cautioned. Instead of them to go back to customary court to present their evidence, they blackmailed me with a court action that I flouted their fundamental human rights, they sued the commissioner of police and the director of State Security Service but the case was thrown out, that it lacks merit.

“We were just in dilemma and we went back to the high Court that these people were disturbing us, high Court ordered that we should take the case back to the customary court where it belonged according to the previous judgements. The ministry of justice even advised us to drag the Oluloye family to present their evidence” .

According to him, despite their efforts (Amudipe) to allow peace reign and to protect their heritage, they tried all legal means to make the other party present their said evidence of ownership, but instead of doing that they claimed the case was statute barred.

Commenting on the layout approval given to the other party in the late 2019, Chief Ajanaku described it as an absurd for the ministry to cede their inheritance of over 100 years to the family that didn’t have a traditional history of Agolisa and its environs.

The layout approval had indicated Agolisa Amudipe, Ago Alade and Ago Oke Agbe-Amudipe as mere forests, “a deliberate attempt to extinct our family name, villages and heritage”, says Ajanaku

It could be recalled that, when the first inhabitant of the community, Late High Chief Gabriel Olisa Amudipe was given the land by the then Deji of Akure, Odundun 1, he went there with 48 friends and families who settled on different lands around him which now became villages under the rulership of Agolisa Amudipe.

Some of the people who history said went there with him were, David Fasuyi( Oore family), Dahunsi Eleruida family of Okeagbe, Elewuju family, Ajisafe /Komolafe/Aribisala/Kumuyi families, James Oluyede family, Adegoroye family, Meshe family, among others.

The Agolisa Amudipe family who inherited the traditional rulership over these people from time immemorial, were now at the mercy of Ondo State Governor to intervene in order not to loose their inheritance.

Some of the aforementioned tenants whose forefathers accompanied the Late Gabriel Olisa Amudipe to cohabit on the area had also taken the Oluloye/Arijodi family to court, in order to validate the Amudipe as their leader from time immemorial.

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