Cruel! Girl pretends to be dead, as man hacks her mother to death in Ekiti

The people of Iyin-Ekiti in Irepodun/Ifelodun Local Government Area of Ekiti State witnessed another mysterious death,  following the gruesome murder of a 35-year-old woman Sefiat Useni, who was reportedly hacked to death by a man for unknown reason.

According to the information at the disposal of JATS Online News, the deceased, a ‘Ponmo’ seller, and Ebira was gruesomely murdered inside her house right in front of her 10years old girl.

The youth alleged that the deceased was hit on the head with a pestle before she died on the spot.

According to a Staff of Iyin General Hospital who spoke with JATS under anonymous, this kind of incident was common recently in the community, noting that about five people gruesomely murdered like the woman were deposited at the hospital morgue.

He explained that the woman was attacked in her house while her husband was away in the farm and the attacker also hit the girl with stick on the head and she pretended faint.

He added that as the girl realized that the attacker was bent on killing her mother, she feigned to be unconscious, a situation that made the man to concentrate on slaughtering the deceased.

Being a little wise girl, she managed to open her eyes secretly to observe the killer and discovered he was a known man in the society popularly known as Alfa.

She was however able to described the killer to the family members, including her father and they rushed down to the house of the said Alfa whose white Jalamia dress stained with blood was still with him.

The source told JATS Online News that the incident happened o

The death of the woman which later  resulted into violent protest, as the Youths of the town alleged him as the mastermind of all murder in the community, and was later put under control following the intervention of the officials of the divisional police station in the town.

It was learnt that the said Alfa has been doing it for ritual purposes for unknown

Police Public Relation Officer, Mr. Sunday Abutu, confirmed that the woman was murdered in cold-blood and the cause of the death was being investigated.

He said normalcy had returned to the community following the intervention of the police. He however confirmed the arrest of one person in connection with the matter.

“We have arrested a suspect in respect of this murder and he is being detained at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) section”, he said.

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