Things You Must Do If You Come In Contact With A COVID-19 Patient

With the rate at which COVID-19 is spreading, there are chances that anyone could contract the virus.

However, rather than panic, one must be sure of what to do if he or she comes in contact with a COVID-19 patient.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), here is what you should do if you come in close contact with a COVID-19 patient.

First, you must acknowledge that if you have been in close contact with someone who has had COVID-19, then you may be infected.

With this established, you must now seek medical help.

When you attend the health facility, wear a mask if possible, keep at least one metre distance from other people and do not touch surfaces with your hands.

If it is a child who is sick, help the child using the same advice of wearing masks, keeping a distance and avoiding touching surfaces and face.

If you do not live in an area with malaria, it is advised that you:

Self-isolate if you become ill with mild symptoms

– Stay self-isolated even if you don’t think you have been exposed to COVID-19 but develop symptoms, monitor yourself.

– If you do not have symptoms but have been exposed to an infected person, self-quarantine for 14days.

For those who have had a definite confirmation of COVID-19, self-isolate for 14days even after symptoms have disappeared as a precautionary measure.

It is not yet known exactly how long people remain infectious after they have recovered.

N/B: Close contact means that you live with or have been in settings of less than one metre from those who have the virus.


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