Just in! Attack on Nurse not from the Police- Ondo CP

The attention of Ondo Police Command has been drawn to a virile pictorial publication of a purported assault on a nurse by officers of Ondo Police Command.

The publication is not only rude at this time of pain in our society but a complete defamation of the ethics of an organisation giving out its best for the sake of our lives and property.

Going by the lack of investigation and the dereliction of facts by some journalists sprawling our social media space, Ondo Police Command would not have reacted to the said publication, knowing that falsehood is basically their stock in trade, but for the inclusion of a renowned body as the National Association of the Nigerian Nurses and Midwives, Ondo State Chapter, joining the argument, we have no compunction but to state the facts of the matter precisely the way they are in order to correct this wrong perception created in the minds of well-meaning Nigerians at home and in the diaspora who may have come across this saddened picture.

Introduction of the case: This deals with a case of lone serious motorcycle accident which occurred on April 22, 2020 at about 2050 hours at Ebute road, opposite Erika Pharmaceutical store, Ode-Irele involving one Red Qlink unregistered motorcycle with chassis number Qlk pckkjijd009847 ridden by one Friday Morris ‘m’ of Gbele street, Ode-Irele and a passenger seating, Mrs. Ajape Modupe, ‘f’ of General hospital, Ode-Irele.

To ascertain the facts that there is nothing to cover up as alleged by the National Association of the Nigerian Nurses and Midwives, and that the case has nothing to do with officers of Ondo Police Command, except that they received the complaints and acted accordingly, here are the statements of some principal actors in the story.

Mrs. Modupe Ajape, the pillion said, she received an emergency call to return to the Hospital on the night of April 22, 2020 at about 2020 hrs, and that she took a bike, on their way they were stopped by a team of Community policing men and after identifying herself as a nurse they were let go.

It happened a second time, but at the third time they met another group who threw a stick at the motorcycle conveying her and in an attempt by the rider to dodge the stick he lost control, resulting to the accident.

Friday Morris, the rider of the motorcycle had this to say. That at about 2030 hrs, the victim boarded his motorcycle to General Hospital, Ode-Irele.

That along the way he saw some vigilante and stopped the bike to enable his pillion explained herself as there was a curfew, they were allowed go, but as they were leaving the Vigilante, some boys he cannot identify threw a stick at his bike which made him lose control that resulted in their accident.

  1. Bayode Johnson, a member of the Vigilante group and the owner of the unregistered motorcycle, averred that he was on duty with other members of his group when the accident happened, and that being the leader of the Vigilante he volunteered his bike to convey the victims to the hospital. He also said they only tried to stop the rider who was on top speed but they never cause of the accident.

  2. We have put these facts as succinctly as we can to enable you judge where our actions or inactions amount to harassment, brutalization and are therefore trying to cover up.

  3. The Commissioner of Police, Ondo State Command, CP Undie Adie, psc+, has constantly made it clear to all citizens and residents of Ondo State that the Police under his supervision would remain friendlier to all, while urging those with the intent to destroy the cordial relationship the people of Ondo State have with the Police Command to recognize the enormous tasks ahead of us all to meet the challenges of COVID19 and stop their campaign of calumny.

ASP Tee-Leo Ikoro
Police Public Relations Officer
Ondo Police Command.

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By Wonderlady

Journalist, Educationist, Writer, Human Rights Advocate

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