CURFEW: Be exceptionally professional or face sanction, Ondo CP warns officers

Following the recent numerous complaints of abuse, molestation, torture and incivility to the people of Ondo State, especially essential workers, by some officers during this period of curfew imposed by the government to contain the spread COVID-19 pandemic, the Commisioner of Police, Undie Adie, has warned overzealous law enforcement officers against such barbaric attitudes.

He warned officers of the Command who were posted on patrol to ensure citizens maintain strict observance of the curfew, to be exceptionally professional in the discharge of their functions and stop causing the people of the state more pain.

In a statement issued by the Police Public Relations Officer of Ondo Command, ASP TEE-LEO IKORO, the warning becomes imperative as a result of the avalanche of
complaints at the disposal of the Commissioner.

His words: “When living conditions are normal, the mind has the mechanisms which deal with natural grief, but right now, Nigerians under the grip of COVID-19 are surrounded by perpetual, remorseless reinforcement of Corona virus made-grief; and as those enforcing government directives, we should not add more pains to the ones the people are already going through by our brutal, tortious and incivility to citizens of Ondo State.

“We should remember that COVID-19 has made the entire world redundant, that no one seems to have the solace of usefulness and is therefore very angry.

“Our courteous and professional approach in the discharge of our functions this period of the lockdown and curfew in the State could relief citizens of their burdens of grief as they struggle to upturn the mercilessly unjust cruel fate COVID19 has placed on us all” .

The Commissioner of Police, therefore, warned that the Command would never take it kindly with any officer who violates the human rights of any citizen of Ondo State, especially those on essential duties while the curfew lasted.

CP Adie also advised the people of the State to obey the order of restrictions on movement by the government during this period, while pleading with those on essential duties to always carefully identify themselves when accosted by law-enforcement officers and avoid professional arrogance.

He assured that, Ondo State Police Command under his supervision would remain the servants of the people, but pleaded for the cooperation of all to ensure sound protection of lives and property.

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By Wonderlady

Journalist, Educationist, Writer, Human Rights Advocate

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