Tribute! Enduring Legacies of Flight Lt. Ohai Idonijie: A Hero that never quits

Since the beginning of creation, God has always sent into the world talented great men and women destined to render critical services to man. The creation and lives of these men and women are severally shrouded by mysteries and their bodies spiritually fortified to carry out divine tasks which of course are not always easy to accomplish. They go through discipline and sacrifice alot to achieve their calling.

After a long battle with forces to achieve their purpose in life, they become heroes, legends and role models. They are celebrated.

Among these great men is Nigeria’s Military deceased flight lieutenant Ohai, the Air officer for the Headquarters Sector 2, Operation LAFIYA DOLE, the theatre command fighting boko haram criminals in Maiduguri, North East Nigeria.

While the name Flight Lieutenant Ohai Idonijie brings smiles and motivation to his colleagues the gallant troops of operation LAFIYA DOLE, it’s the other way round to the Boko Haram criminals. He fought them like a real warrior in search of liberation living thousands of the insurgents death while others scamper for safety.

Ohai, a fighter with passion, resilience and tenacity of purpose is currently being mourned by his colleagues in the battle fields who are still trying so hard to adapt to the reality that just befalls them. Ohai was killed in the recent ambush that took over forty thousand of Nigeria’s Military best fighters.

“Hector” as he is popularly called by his friends and colleagues was described as “the 9th most resourceful fighter pilot Nigeria ever produced.” “….He was a veteran of many-many battles against Boko Haram and its current mutation as ISWAP….” Some of his colleagues told Security Affairs.

They said Boko Haram would remember him for the same reasons we do. But it would be with unrequited bitterness in their hearts for what he did to their numbers. “….We…individual Nigerians, for whom he gave his life will remember him for the freedom we yet have and the many nights of untroubled sleep he and his colleagues afforded us, while, taking their very lives in their hands, staring down death”. They said.

Although fighting the Boko Haram criminal insurgents has been seen to be a war of attrition, Flight Lieutenant Ohia and his likes continue to run forward towards danger, when others run back and away. Ohai stood and fought until he ran out of bullets.

His demise was God’s wish as the saying goes good people don’t last. Ohai who always walked away from an air crash did not this time.

Ohai Prosper Idonije was a man of the people. He was like a spider that had many web as he touched his friend’s lives in a special way. He was a man with Nine lives.

A jovial man always ready to play with colleagues when the need arises, he is known with his local palance “Guy let’s run things” meaning “my friend let’s have fun”.

Security Affairs also gathered that “He was a man that like helping friends no matter the course”. Described also as “A leader in the midst of leaders. A nut cracker. Even when no one can do it, Ohai Prosper is always there to do it and exhibit greatness in it. He brings everyone together and encourage us all in a positive way. Even in time of trials he conquered gloriously”. His colleagues said

“His bravery gives the rest of us courage to move on”. They added.

As SECURITY AFFAIRS join the Family, friends and colleagues of Flight Lieutenant Ohai Idonijie and indeed the Nigerian Military. It is pertinent to draw the attention of all stakeholders in the country on the importance of honouring fallen heroes, especially the families and love ones they left behind.

Although the government in its way have adopted a day commemoration of the Armed forces Remembrance Day yet a lot can still be done. The civil society, the media and human right community have a lot of roles to play in the lives of fallen heroes. Reaching out to their families by other Nigerians will boost the Morales of those alive.

Nigerians, including Journalists should be ready at anytime to write inspirational articles about fallen heroes to console their families and motivate the colleagues alive as well.

Hector was a gallant Officer, and fought Nigerian enemies very well and will be forever remembered by the Nigerian people. Sleep well Soldier!

securityaffairs March 31, 2020 AIRFORCE 116

He was 30 years old brother of Tola Idonije-Gbadamosi of The Hope Newspaper, Akure Ondo State. Rest in peace brother.

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By Wonderlady

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