Update on Ondo Explosion: Falae, Akeredolu, CP, Vigilante, others react

Governor Akeredolu addressed journalists at the scene

His words: ” The brief I received is that it was an accidental discharge of explosives that was in transit through Ondo State to another state where it was needed. So, my take on this, looking at this monumental destruction is that, we would advise all citizens, residents not to come near this place at all.

” This happened around 1am, virtually all of us heard the sound; I heard it but didn’t know it happened here.

” So, the Press should get across to the people that they should vacate and move out of this premises because as we were told that the vehicle that was carrying this explosive is buried inside that place that was created by the explosion.

“We never know the number of explosives that are left; so please let everybody in charge work here and from there we would know what to do.

“And again, because of this incident, we should not forget the other problem we have in place which is Coronavirus; social and physical distances is still in place, we should not move around unreasonably because of this unfortunate incident. You can see the distance it covered, even right where we are standing we are not also safe, if anything happens now, all of us are gone. I will advise you to move back and allow the people to carry out investigation or at least bring out the vehicle that was carrying this explosive before we know what to do”

The school

Chief Olu Falae calls for immediate repair of the road, compensations

“The two buildings that are very important to Ilu-Abo community, Possibility Church and the school were destroyed. It is a great disaster to Ilu-Abo and Akure land. We want government to quickly repair the road and the perpetrators of this evil act should compensate victims”, he reacted.

A building of Possibility church

Detailed explanation by the State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Undie Adie

“The consignment was dully escorted by the personnel of Police Explosive Ordinance Department, EOD that were equipped, trained and charged with the responsibility of taking care of explosives of any kind.

“This consignment was dully escorted but unfortunately along the road here, the vehicle developed fault. When the driver noticed it,( from the explanation of the escort commander), they had to move away from where there were houses so that they could put off the problem, that was when they parked and noticed that smoke was emitting from the engine. The effort to control it wasn’t possible but rather it was fire and they had to move away quickly from the scene by taking the normal professional drill which was why they were all saved.

“We thank God that this area was a church and a school. Fortunately because of this Coronavirus closure the school is not in session.

“It is accident and I am not sure it is what we could have been able to control. We’ve commenced investigation and I have called the Managing Director of the company that was to receive the consignment and I believe they are on their way.

“We have spoken to people here to stay far away from the scene, our EOD are fully on ground”.

Olu of Eleyowo, Chief Boboye Adekunle

He begs the government to come to their rescue, saying so many buildings, including his palace were damaged.

The boarding school
Possibility church main building

Community Vigilante, Mr. Stephanus Soya narrates experience

“It happened around 1am when we were on patrol. A truck parked and we saw three people opening the bonnet. The vehicle was coming from Akure road going to Owo side. We moved closer to them and we continued our patrol. Minutes after that we saw fire coming out of the vehicle and the people started running before it exploded. My colleague fainted but revived shortly after”.

Explosion cut off Akure from the Northern part of Ondo state, commuters stranded

The incident has destroyed the Owo highway as the explosive caused a big gully which cut the road into two, with the truck buried where it exploded.

Middle of the road that swallowed the truck
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