Ondo Explosion: State Police Command issues statement, says only 4 people injured

The Commissioner of Police, Ondo State Police Command, CP Undie Adie regrets the unfortunate incidence of Explosion which occurred at Ogbese town, along Owo-Akure road, Ondo State at about 0110hrs today, March 28, 2020.

Fact of the matter: A truck load of explosive materials officially escorted by a team of Explosive Device Experts of the Nigeria Police from the Explosive Ordinance department ‘EOD’ Oyo Police Command, whose duty also include the escort of sensitive and lethal materials from getting into some wrong hands were on their way from Oyo State to a Quarry company in Edo State, (explosives which were meant for rock blasting at the quarry) when the driver of the truck suddenly noticed some sparks from the engine and immediately parked the truck to ascertain what was the cause of the fire.

On seeing the fire coming from the engine of the truck, he attempted to put it off with the use of his fire extinguisher but to no avail, hence the explosion, leaving several houses along the road damaged, four persons sustaining some injuries as a result of the explosion, but no life lost.

The Ondo State Commissioner of Police, CP Undie Adie, while addressing the Media, sympathized with victims of the explosion, who suffered some injuries and were rushed to the hospital for treatment as well as those whose houses were damaged. He appealed to the people of the State to remain calm as the Ondo State Police Command will leave no stone unturned at finding out the remote and immediate cause of the explosion.

Meanwhile officers of the Command have been strategically posted around the scene to prevent any untoward actions of some miscreants who may want to take advantage of the situation to perpetrate some other criminal acts; while operatives of EOD, Ondo State Police Command have been deployed to cordon off the scene of the incident.

CP Adie urges citizens of the State to remain resolute in their belief in the proactive stance of the Command, saying, investigation has started, while advising them to adhere strictly to the directives of both the Federal and State government on the COVID 19 Stay at home order.

He further said to ease traffic congestions on the road, alternative routes have been provided, promising that the Command would inform the good people of the State whatever that is the outcome of the investigation.

ASP Tee-Leo Ikoro
Police Public Relations Officer
Ondo State Police Command.

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