‘Ondo State on the verge of producing 1000tonnes of cement daily’

By Olaoluwa Omolafe

The Chief Executive Officer of Klick Konnect Network Limited, Mr Alex Ajipe has disclosed that arrangements were in top gear for the production of 1000tonnes of cement daily in Ondo state.

This he said would be possible as soon as the licence was issued for the processing of Okeluse limestone in Ose Local government area of the state, which a Chinese company had tested and approved to be 97% pure.

He said: “we were able to sign with CUCC which is a China form of cement. They sent their representative and they went to Oke-luse to take samples and told us that if they are able to find up to 30 per cent purity on our limestone, they would come and start working; but fortunately for us, by the time we took the sample back, they got about 97 per cent purity of our limestone. We are already processing the license and I believe that before the end of the year, we should be able to get the license.

“So, when we get the license, we will be able to get a cement factory at Oke-luse with 1000 tonnes of cement on daily basis”, he said.

Chief Ajipe said further that Klickkonnect had raised up to 20,000 farmers in Ondo State through the cassava revolution programme to boost economy through agriculture.

Ajipe, who ascertained this on Friday while speaking with the Online Media Journalists at Klick Konnect Network Limited, office Akure, said the farmers would be supported with all agricultural inputs including tractors, herbicides and the likes so that cassava will not be scarce in the nearest future of the economy.

Ajipe also affirmed that the organisation, through cassava revolution programme planned to have a modular processor which will bring in fresh cassava and dry them up with ease in different locations including Ogbagi, Emure in Owo, Ilara, Omotoso and Ilu Abo.

While speaking on the role of Klick Konnect, Ajipe said “we have over 250 staff in the field, most especially in area of revenue monitoring from the ministry of natural resources and what we do for the government is to ensure we monitor and block loopholes to reasonable extent which we have achieved and that has culminate into increase in internally generated revenue.

His words: “when we got to the ministry of natural resources in 2017, their annual generation that they do under revenue was about #100 million. For that first year, we increased it to about #800 million and what we did was to ask questions if they have the right to carry out the job. If they don’t, then they drop it”.

While commending the effort and integrity of the Ondo State Governor, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu on the implementation of Linyi industrial hub in 2017, Ajipe said “we were able to sign the bi-city agreement with Linyi city and Ondo State happens to be the first state in Nigeria to have a bi-city agreement.

“So, the integrity of Mr Governor helps us a big deal as it increases our speed”. He stressed.

Adding to this, he said Ondo State had signed a lot of memorandum of understanding in the past which did not see the light of the day but in this administration, over 95% of the MOU signed was implemented.

Speaking on the textile industry in the State as part of the bi-city agreement signed with Linyi city, Ajipe said investors came in and started with thread in which they have started manufacturing lace materials.

He further revealed the plan of the organisation to raise about ten thousand cotton farmers so that farmers can go back to the business of cultivating and farming in cotton.

“So, what it means is that we are doing our cloth in Ondo State”, he affirmed.

He clarified that Klickconnect manages the industrial hub but it is an initiative of the Ondo State government and Linyi state, which was why it was called Ondo-Linyi industrial hub.

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By Wonderlady

Journalist, Educationist, Writer, Human Rights Advocate

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