#3yearsinoffice: Innovative and supportive initiatives from the stable of Ondo state First Lady(2)


The BEMORE Summer Bootcamp 4 Girls Naija, a program organized by HE Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu through her foundation, BAAF, is aimed at bridging the gender gap in STEM and empowering the female folk by educating and empowering young girls in the field of ICT and Solar technology.

From 2017 till date, 1031 girl children from remote communities in Nigeria have been opportune to be a part of an intensive two weeks summer boot camp where they were trained in ICT, solar technology and other life enhancing skills like; leadership, entrepreneurship, crafts etc.

Since 2017 BEMORE empowered initiative has been at the front of promoting gender inclusiveness within the ICT and renewable energy space by providing hands on training on computer appreciation, coding, Web and app designing, Solar PV installation, energy efficiency and management as well as entrepreneurship.

With a total of over a thousand trained and empowered girls, BEMORE empowered initiative has risen to become Nigeria’s one stop shop for young girls willing to take up a career within the ICT and renewable energy space. Aside having a pool of credible and outstanding alumni, BEMORE empowered also prides itself as Nigeria’s largest girls only boot camp with a strong focus on ICT and solar.

The initiative has grown and has attracted the attention of notable global players including the Nigerian energy support programme (NESP) of the German International Cooperation (GIZ), the Nigeria Alternative Energy Expo NAEE, The Renewables Energy association of Nigeria (REAN), Solar sisters International and several other global players have all committed to supporting the programme achieve its goal and meet its objective of training 5000 girls before 2023.

Data collected showed that almost half (45%) of the girls who participate in the 2018 BEMORE Summer Boot camp had no access to a computer. Of the Fifty-five percent that had access to a computer, 73% access the computer at least once a week. More (62.8%) of the girls who participated in the Boot camp had access to internet with 91% of those with access using the internet at least once a week.

The proportion of girls who were confident of being well knowledgeable in ICT before the summer bootcamp training was 23%. However, at the end of the summer boot camp the figure moved upward to 82%. This indicates that there was 257% increases in the proportion of girls who are confident they are well knowledgeable in ICT at the end of the summer boot camp.

Similarly, there was a 69% increase in the proportion of girls who had a good knowledge of ICT as more than Ninety percent of the boot camp participants were screened to have a good knowledge of ICT at the end of the programme.

We found out that only about forty percent of the girls have ever heard of global warming before the boot camp while about 60% are aware of climate change.

However, at the end of the two weeks intensive training on renewable energy, almost all the participants (99%) became well aware of climate change.

Also, the BEMORE Summer Bootcamp evaluation result showed that the girls knowledge of renewable energy improved from 75% to 90% within the two weeks summer.

The 2017 and 2018 editions of the BEMORE Summer Boot Camp was basically a learning edition for the BEMORE team. Evaluation reports for 2018 BEMORE Summer Boot Camp showed the need to incorporate additional training courses to the BEMORE Summer boot camp curriculum.

Having successfully completed the 2019 edition, the BEMORE team is proposing to scale up a little further the 2020 edition of BEMORE Summer Boot Camp for Girls to include cyber security, software and app development and entrepreneurial training.

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