Ondo@44: Octogenarian assesses developmental strides of successive govts

…commends Akeredolu

The pace of industrialisation in Ondo State since its creation in 1976 till now, has been assessed and described as below expectation.

This problem was, however, attributed to lack of vision on the part of successive governments in the state for their failure to follow the part and visions of the late Yoruba sage, Obafemi Awolowo.

This was the submission of an elderstateman, Ambassador Luyi Rotimi while assessing the development of Ondo State since its creation on February 3rd, 1976.

In an exclusive interview with JATS Online News, Ambassador Luyi, who is the Olujigba of Ijigba area of Akure land, lamented the inability of the western governments to sustain the Western Nigeria  Development Corporation, established by Awolowo, and make it the apex in the region.

According to him, Ondo State has the land capacity to be an exporter of cocoa products, through the Oda cocoa port, having served under a committee on industrialisation set up by the Governor Otiko in 1984 that fastracked the establishment of some industries that were now moribund.

“I think industrialisation of Ondo State should be better assessed and invigorated. Without industry we cannot generate enough employment. I had written papers to all the successive governments as to what I think they should do, but unfortunately, they have not done it the way I want it. 

” Look at the Oda cocoa port, I happened to work there in 1955 as an Assistant Engineer, but today that place is down.

“There must be a mechanism for producing and selling of cocoa so that we can have two-way inflow of money. More need to be done on industrialisation so that our youths will be engaged’, he said.

The Octogenarian, however, commended the current administration in the state for its vision to develop the coastline in the Southern part of the state, affirming that linking up with Lagos would open up the state for developmental activities that would boost the economy.

He also commended the initiative of Ore Industrial hub, and encouraged Governor Akeredolu to keep the flag flying on his vision to industrialised the state.

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