Amotekun: Recruits must be well-paid, armed & employed without godfathers’ interference- Amb. Luyi

The proposed operation Amotekun security initiative by the Southwest governors has been described as an instrument to unite the region.

Speaking with JATS Online News about the initiative, the Olujigba of Ijigba community in Akure, Ambassador Rotimi Luyi, FCA, noted that the price of security is internal vigilance which Amotekun stands for, in order to have peaceful society.

On how to ensure that the Amotekun recruits would not compromise their duty, the elder statesman emphasised the need for a competitive remuneration.

He said: ” Corruption is of the mind, if people want to be corrupted they will be. But I believe that they should be fairly paid. Not fairly paid alone, they should be paid competitively, regularly, and be well-motivated.

“Equally, there must be Arms for them; government must make sure that they are defended. You can’t just send people empty-handed to go and confront people who have superior weapons like AK47. They must be well-armed, and well-trained. 

On the yardstick for recruitment, the Olujigba advised that it should be based on merit and fairness, devoid of godfather’s interference.

The Olujigba, who expressed his total support for the initiative, regardless of the insinuation in some quarters that governors would abuse the security agents, noted that the balance of its advantage dictates that Southwest should have internal security.

He stated that the advantage in having internal security to man and defend one’s territory, outweighs the exaggerated disadvantage that authorities would use it to attack opponents.

According to him, there must be a system to help curb the excesses of anybody or governor with the use of Amotekun security, saying the whole attitude must be to protect the society, and not for vindictive reason or self-purpose.

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