Mrs. Akeredolu forms Civil Societies Coalition against Cancer in Ondo

As part of strategies in the fight against all forms of cancers in the human body, the ” COALITION OF CONCERNED ORGANIZATIONS AGAINST CANCER” has been formed in Ondo State.

The formation of the Coalition which is an initiative of the wife of Ondo State Governor, Mrs Betty Anyanwu Akeredolu under her Breast Cancer Association of Nigeria, BRECAN, is in line with current trends in building strong advocacy synergy towards cancers eradication.

This thrust was reached at an interactive session, preparatory to the World Cancer Day (WCD) 2020 where the wife of the Governor was emphatic on the need to raise more awareness about the deadly disease known as cancer.

Mrs Akeredolu explained, that the world cancer day which is coming up on the fourth of February, should be used to knock at the doors of government so, they could do what is expected of them especially in the care of patients who cannot afford the cost of cancer treatment.

The coalition will jointly celebrate the world cancer day in Ondo State beginning with a Press Conference, then a walk against cancer.

Also parts of activities of the Coalition to mark the world cancer day in Ondo state, is free screening for breast, cervical and prostrate cancer for women, girls and men.

The Grand Event will hold on the Eleventh of February at the Federal Medical Center, Owo where medical experts from University of California, San Diego under the name ” SHARING HOPE MEDICAL MISSION USA” are expected to carry out free surgeries on some cancer patients.

Members of the coalition include, BRECAN, NAWOJ, NMA, FOWOSO, ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN DOCTORS, PSN, CISCEAN, BAAF, FMC Owo, Ondo State Ministry of health among others.

The theme for the world cancer day is ” I am and I will”

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