74 years old Ondo Pastor divorces wife over infidelity

…am his 7th wife, he wants to bring in another woman- Wife

By JATS Reporter

A Grade’B’ customary court sitting at Oke-eda, in Akure has dissolved a 20-year -old relationship between Pastor Joseph Ajayi Owolabi, 74, and his wife Rebecca over infidelity.

The court held that the union has been dissolved sometimes in 2006 by a competent court and the parties later resolved their differences within them selves and without the consent of the court.

The court President, Chief R. F Olusanya, gave a judgement that the two parties should go on their separate ways, while the custody of the second and third children  was granted to the defendant and the first child should choose where and whom he wishes to stay with.

The court added that the plaintiff should commence the payment of N10, 000 monthly allowance to the defendant from December, 2019, for the feeding of the children.

“Payment should made through the court registrar.

“The plaintiff is to secure a year accommodation and a shop to the defendant to start her live and continue her petty trading.

The 74-year old pastor had approached the court for the dissolution of his 20-year old marriage over adultery and lack of care.

The plaintiff, also an optician ( specialised in cutting of recommended glasses), told the court that he had on several occasions charged the defendant to court on same allegations, but the defendant would later come to beg him, but this time around, he prayed the court to dissolve the union once and for all, since she was not ready to change for good.

He also alleged her of poisoned him which caused him a grave health issue and up till then, he still suffers bad health.

“My Lord, this woman wanted to kill me, (pointing to the defendant) and am not ready to die now, kindly separate us.”

According to the pastor, the union was blessed with three children, age 19, ‘m’, 17 ‘m’ and 11 ‘F’ (names withheld).

However, the 42-year old defendant, Rebecca Owolabi, denied all the allegations levelled against her.

She said the plaintiff wanted her to leave the house in order to bring in another woman.

“I am the seventh wife to this man, contrary to what he earlier told me that he has no wife since his first wife died, but gotten to his house I realized he has divorced six wives while am the 7th wife. ” She said.

The defendant, a trader, told the court that the plaintiff would not drop money nor food at home and would be expecting me to cook for him, of which we have almost eaten up the petty trading that am managing.

Embittered, she raised “It is not that ‘Baba’ doesn’t have money, but he just chose to be wicked.”

” I am the only one taking care of the children, he did not send them to school, the 19-year-old among our children have not enrolled for WEAC. Baba’ is not the type that takes care of children, I am only managing living with him, to avoid moving from one husband to another.”

Reacting to the allegation of being adulterous, Rebecca, said ” I was surprised when the plaintiff( pastor) came, bringing some irons, killed a fowl, sprinkled its blood and asked me to swear to prove my fidelity to him.”

Speaking on some nonchalants attitude of the plaintiff, said the plaintiff abandoned her during pregnancy and gave her no money, for unkeep.

“He accused me of poisoning him when we both eat from the same plate? “

” My Lord, Baba doesn’t want to perform his responsibilities as a father. He had confided in me that he wants to marry another woman, and the woman would not come if I do not leave.

” Please my Lord, I want my children to go to School, if he insists that he wants to get another woman, let him go ahead, but he should allow me to take care of my children. ” she prayed.

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