Appointment of RUGIPO’s Principal Officers was based on merit- Banji Alabi

Foremost legal practitioner and the Governing Council Chairman of the Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo has insisted that merit, and not nepotism was the rationale behind the appointment of Principal Officers in the Polytechnic.

Alabi who was reacting to sundry allegations that the appointments were made to favour Isuada over Owo, said dividing the two ancient communities was needless and petty as the white paper stipulating the appointment of officers was unambiguous to decipher.

“Why do we want to cause disunity among our people? Mr Atiku and Mr Abimbola were the most senior at the time. They were both promoted to the position of deputy Registrar at the same time but Mr Atiku joined the Polytechnic services before Mr Abimbola.

“It is settled in law that when equities are equal : i.e . Between equal equities the first in order of time shall prevail.

“When two parties each have a right to possess something, then the one who acquired an interest first should prevail in equity.

“In the instant case it was Mr Atiku that acquired an interest at RUGIPO first, and the governing council, in line with the directive of Ondo state Government as directed in the white paper and in accordance with the laws of NIGERIA appointed Mr Atiku as acting Registrar as he then was.

On the issue of the appointment of the Bursar, “ I will enter the plea of Non est factum (Latin word for “it is not my deed or it is not my act) “

“Mr Adejuwon was already the Polytechnic Bursar before my appointment and this was corroborated by the public statement of Dr Alaba Ojomo the immediate past Chairman of Council to the effect that he was the one that appointed Mr Adejuwon as the Bursar and that he found Adejuwon to be very brilliant, a seasoned accountant and a first class material worthy of the job- Isuada or no Isuada.

“Isuada is part of Owo and there is no reason to discriminate. This unity was demonstrated by our fore- fathers as the Polytechnic was built on Isuada land and named as the Polytechnic Owo and not Polytechnic Isuada.

“A person cannot “approbate” and the same time reprobate. You can not accept the benefit of the naming of the Polytechnic built on Isuada land as Polytechnic Owo and at the same time “reprobate” it, by denying the effect of its other terms which awards something to someone else. Isuada is Owo and Owo is Isuada”. He said.

While cautioning some members of the Owo Political class fanning the embers of discord to desist, Alabi said he will not be contesting the Senatorial seat in 2023. It is not of interest to him now as he is genuinely supporting Governor Akeredolu in his quest for total development in Ondo State.

By Wonderlady

Journalist, Educationist, Writer, Human Rights Advocate

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