You shouldn’t have buried him immediately, Nigerians tell family of a man exhumed fresh 41 yrs after

The Alafiatayo street, along hospital road in Iro Akure the Ondo State Capital was filled with lots of motorcycle’s riders to catch a glimpse of the fresh corpse of a man, Mr. Aiku Boboye, who had been buried 41 years ago.

Some undertakers found the dead body of Late Boboye still fresh with the cloth used to rap him intact, when he was exhumed due to the ongoing construction of the Hospital/Ijoka road, Akure.

Late Boboye was described by his children as a very straight forward man who was very diligent in all his ways.

They further said their father was a loving man that was why he had lots of wives and children.

They said at that time cocoa farming was the major way of getting rich, and their father had a large cocoa farms with several plots of land and was able to take good care of his large family.

It was also learnt that he had lots of houses everywhere in Akure as his cocoa farm was booming at that time.

He survived with 29 children and 9 wives whom he took very good care of.

Speaking with a 53-years old Mrs Florence Alabi who is the 20th Child of Late Boboye, she said she did not understand the whole thing.

According to her, the family called on undertakers to move their father’s corpse that was buried 41 years ago at the age of 70, affirming that their expectation was to meet skeleton but surprisingly, their father’s corpse was still intact and fresh as ever.

“This beat my imagination, the very moment his body was carried out, his hands dangled away from his body. At that moment I shouted and fell to cry.

“This moment is still a shock for me, Baba was a very strict man, that we knew him for. He never changes from this words if he assures you”, she said.

Also speaking to The Hope was Mrs Florence Kayode who is the 14th child of the deceased, she said” I have never seen this kind of a thing before in my life. My father that was long dead did not decay but still fresh like he was asleep.

” I am kind of proud of him because of this, during his life time, he was a very tough man. He handled everybody equally.

“There was never a time there was disagreement in the family, no mater how large we were at that time. We were all going to farm and living happily”.

Mrs Alice Monday who did not really know her age but a nonagenerian, and 11th child of Late Boboye said “we the Seniors never went to school. But Baba made sure we got everything we need. Baba had one of the biggest farm in Akure where we all worked in and had our own shares”.

“A trader who has his business in the building said he knew his office was on top of a tomb but it did not make any reference to him.

“His business was going on well until there was notice of dilapidation. I have never had any cause to regret staying in the building.

In a similar case which occurred some years back with Blessed Cyprian Michael Iwene Tansi who died 20 of January 1964 and in March 22nd 1998, his corpse was exhumed and was found still fresh.

The corpse has however been re-buried.

Meanwhile, people have started reacting to the immediate bury of the deceased.

Mrs. Bimbola Owoeye said the deceased children should have preserved the corpse in a secluded place where people would be coming to see it, and can even attract tourists.

Some were of the opinion that the late Boboye must be a Saint and his undecayed body must be kept for the Catholic Pope to see.

Source: The Hope

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