Code for Africa trains journalists on creating data chart

The knowledge of data journalism is vital for every journalist who is determined to provide credible report. Unfortunately, so many journalists don’t have access to enough information to support their investigative reporting, and also don’t have the wherewithal on how to get the needed data online.

To this end, the October edition of Hacks/Hackers meet-up for journalists and technologists, organised by the Code for Nigeria in Lagos, featured the lecture on how to generate data chart using data wrapper application.

During the three hours training, held at the Maryland Workstation Lagos, the Code for Nigeria’s Officer, Mr. John Eromosele trained participants on how to authenticate their stories with data. He exposed them to the needed technological tools through which they can generate necessary facts to support their reports.

They were trained on how to use data wrapper with Microsoft Excel to create information charts in form of infograph, because a story that is accompanied by a graphic information enhances credibility.

Explaining why data matters, the trainer exposed them to the use of TakwimuAfrica, and HURUMAP where they can get more information about the topic they are working on.

Through, extensive training on visualization was given. They were later given an assignment on the use of datawrapper to test their level of understanding of the application.

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