REVEALED! Reasons Ijawoye lost his job at RUGIPO

The management of the Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, RIGIPO, has revealed reasons for the sack of Mr. Oluwadare Ijawoye, the institution’s ASUP Chairman, and his Secretary, Mr. Ade Arikawe.

Information at the disposal of JATS Online News says that Ijawoye has been a thorn in the flesh of every management of the institution, noting that the recent happenings were just the climax.

According to the statement issued by the management of RUGIPO, made available to JATS Online News, the immediate past administration had almost terminated his appointment in 2013 save for the intervention of well meaning indigenes of Ondo State and himself showing genuine remorse.

Between 2009 and now, information says, Ijawoye has been given countless queries, faced several panels, suspended four times for gross misconduct and has been placed on half salary at different times for his acts of insubordination.

The statement reads: “Since the Governing Council of the Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo(RUGIPO) announced the sack of the Chairman and Secretary of the Institution’s chapter of the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics(ASUP), Messrs Oluwadare Ijawoye and Mr Ade Arikawe, not a few people feel it is not unconnected with the happenings of the past few days where the duo made startling allegations against the school’s management.

“Early this year, the management had written him a FINAL WARNING after his own written commitment to be of good conduct henceforth, while Arikawe and some others were issued letters of STRONG WARNING too for toeing same path under the guise of unionism”.

According to the institution, when Ijawoye started the accusations about the fraudulent purchase of official cars against the Management few months ago, the Commissioner for Education, Pastor Femi Agagu had waded into the matter for amicable resolutions and Ijawoye had confessed at the meeting that the whole accusation was just a ruse and an attempt to intimidate management to submission.

His statements were said to be properly documented.

“So, when he decided to still latch on to the accusations, which obviously embarrassed the Governor, it was obvious trouble was looming”, the management said.

Earlier, Chairman of the Institution’s Governing Council, Mr Banji Alabi while reacting to the accusations said “I read all these laughable accusations on social media. I have dared them to go to the anti graft agencies.

“If it is discovered that a penny of the institution has unlawfully gotten into my hands through any means, I should not just be dismissed and jailed, I should be tied to the stakes and shot.

“I worked with a multinational oil firm for 24 years without any blemish and my legal practise has been carried out with the highest tradition of excellence.

“So, is it now that I will soil my hard earned reputation because of money? Every decision we took at the council was with the best interest of all stakeholders.

“He who alleges must prove. I believe at the right time, Ijawoye and his sponsors must be ready to prove these allegations.

“We are been called names because they want to install someone as Rector while jettisoning standard procedures.

“The Acting Rector(now confirmed), Mr Ogundahunsi is not only making the institution profitable but he is a man with highest level of integrity and managerial dexterity.

“So, why blacklist such a person because some people constituted themselves into a cabal and feel they should dictate to the Council? We wont allow that to happen.”

Also, a Senior Lecturer at the school who pleaded anonymity opined that Ijawoye was overzealous and got his hands burnt in the process.

He said: “Activism is good but you being a Union member does not make you violate institutional procedures. No matter what you do, you are bound by administrative dictates.

“Ijawoye has a larger than life personality which makes him believe every management decision must be endorsed by him before it can be acceptable by all.

“He has also played the religious card severally to the admiration of his fans that with his father as one of the respected Muslim Clerics in the area, the management can not have the effrontery to tackle him.

“Infact, few months back, his father had come on campus to threaten some Principal officers of the institution over an issue. That was how powerful Ijawoye was but in this instance, Ijawoye miscalculated, because the Banji Alabi led council regularly briefs the Governor on all council decisions including the purchase of the cars.

“Unfortunately, Ijawoye had relied heavily on a particular member of the Governing Council to help push his agenda but interestingly, the decision to sack him was unanimously taken by all council members.

“It was even his man at the council who argued that for the sake of the institution’s stability, Ijawoye’s excesses must be tackled and should be made to give way. Such is life. I am a member of ASUP but the truth is that we have never had it so good in terms of infrastructural development in recent times.

“This management is indeed working and has stepped on powerful toes in the process.

“For instance, this is the first time a woman will be becoming a Principal officer since the institution was created yet some people are saying it should not be in this age and time? I think Ijawoye and his cohorts must have learnt their lessons now.

As the new Principal officers resume duty, it is expected that the crisis rocking the institution will be totally tackled.

Evidences attached as provided

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