Compensate owner of 36 cows killed by thunder, Miyetti Allah tells govt

Following the mysterious death of thirty-six cows in Ijare community in Ondo state,  members of the Miyetti Allah, the association of cattle breeders, have asked for compensation.

The National President of the Association, Abdullahi Bodejo said their cows are supposed to be treated as other assets like cars that are insured.

He urged the federal government to pay compensation for those cows killed by thunderstorm in order for them to remain in the business.

He said, “A Fulani man doesn’t have any company, but the cows are his company and industry; they are his everything – car, shops, etc. 

“Now that the cows are dead, what do you want that Fulani man to do since they were not insured? So, the government, whether the state government or the federal government should pay compensation for those cows killed by thunderstorm.

“If you don’t compensate him, maybe some bad company or bad people can invite him and teach him illegal things and he would join them to begin to torment other people.

 “Government should pay him; death of 36 cows is not a small loss. It shouldn’t be a heavy thing for government to do; let the government quickly settle the Fulani man.”

Thirty-six cows owned by some herders  died mysteriously in Ijare community of Ifedore Local Government Area of Ondo State, after they were said to have been struck by lightning last Saturday.

Traditional Rulers and people of the community confirmed that  that the cows died after desecrating the Oke-Owa hill, where sacrifice is made every year by their traditional ruler. 

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