How Police invaded Akure Church, digged altar to search for fetish objects

Officers of the Nigeria Police have commenced investigation on the Founder of the Promised Land Prophetic Ministry (formerly Christ Apostolic Church, Promised Land), Akure, Pastor Gbenga Akinbiyi, for allegedly engaging in fetish practices.

This has led to the invasion of the church by the Police located at the Shasha area along Akure-Owo highway to dig the altar where placenta and body of a dead baby were alleged to have been buried in order to draw more people to the church.

The Policemen were said to have been sent from the office of the Inspector-General of Police, Force Headquarters, Abuja.

According to a source, things fell apart between the embattled Pastor and some foundation members after he broke away from CAC and changed the name of the church some years ago.

A source at the church told journalists that the policemen visited the church based on petition by former members of the church and a counter petition written to the IGP by Pastor Akinbiyi.

The source said, “the former members also observed that the pastor planted some fetish materials at the altar. Many of them left the church. They also wrote a petition to the police to investigate the pastor. That must have been what made the policemen to dig up the altar.”

After the police operations, nothing was discovered at the altar.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, Mr Femi Joseph, said the policemen went to the church as part of the ongoing investigation into some allegations against the pastor.

“There are some allegations against the pastor of the church, but we can’t disclose them until after our investigation. What our men did in the church was part of the ongoing investigation,” Joseph stated.

When contacted, the cleric, Pastor Gbenga Akinbiyi denied the allegations against him.


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