Mrs. Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu: The 1st of her kinds ‘Down to Earth’ First Lady

When we hear of ‘First Lady’, either wife of the governor or the President, we often have one kind of enthusiasm when someone like that is in our vicinity. Everyone around would troop out to use the opportunity to see her. This is because they are assumed to be secluded, over-guided and inaccessible.

Most of these First Ladies are unconscious of what is going on around them, especially among their workers. Just few workers attached to their office have access to them, while others relate from distance. 

Some don’t recognize most of their intimate workers facially, let alone by name, whereas they are always around to offer one kind of service or the other to promote the activities of the First Lady.

Mrs. Akeredolu’s case is far different from the above group of First Ladies. And that is why verbal attacks keep coming against her on social media platforms for being pragmatic.

 Nigerian society seems to be used to the archaic way of doing things and people are not ready to adjust to change. As a woman right activist, Mrs. Akeredolu definitely possesses the spirit of activism in her.

Must we continue to act the same way and expect new change? Truth is bitter, yes, and the righteous are not appreciated in the society, but if we must progress, our orientations must change.

Today, to the amazement of journalists attached to the office of Mrs. Akeredolu, she had an interactive session with them.

Some were panic as to what could have prompted such meeting; when she started addressing them, it was like a lecturing moment. The ‘First Lady’ took them back to journalism class and reminded them of the ethics of the profession, starting with plagiarism and credibility. It didn’t end there, she had physical encounter with each of the journalist and the media organisation they were attached.

This action was borne out of the fact that she do take her time to read and monitor every report that emanates from her office; and having discovered that some journalists do copy other colleagues’ work without attributing it to the writer, she chose to interact with them and correct the attitude.

 This is an unusual attention from a First Lady to her workers. It also shows her zero tolerance to injustice and corrupt practices.

This down to earth attitude of her is also demonstrated in the ways and manner in which she discovered talents through social media, and call for them. Little wonder she was nick-named MAMA DIGITAL. 

For a woman who is far above 60years of age to be active and take cognizance of her immediate environment, she deserves accolades rather than condemnation.

Some of the journalists, including other members of her team were invited directly by her having discovered their competency through social media platforms. This is rare.

The Arabinrin Akeredolu that I know is objective, factual, and an Apostle of realism. Her kinds are scarce. They can’t be manipulated.

Before she disclosed the main reason she convened the meeting, Mrs. Akeredolu first appreciated them for

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