Xenophobia: ODHA Committee on diaspora calls for prosecution of culprits

The Ondo State House of Assembly has condemned the current unabated spate of killing of Nigerians in South Africa which recently drew the attention of the world and has continued unabated.

Mrs. Favour Tomomewo

The Chairperson, House committee on Diaspora, Mrs Tomomewo Favour in a press release on behalf of the 9th Assembly said the life of Nigerians in any part of the world is important to the government of Ondo State and Nigeria, hence the need to keep it sacred.

As we pride ourselves as one indivisible Nigerians regardless of race, ethnicity and religion, one of the best time of expressing such common characteristics is now when our identity is internationally besmirch without regard to humanity. We therefore say that an injustice to a Nigerian is an injustice to every Nigerian and war against one is war against all.

Following the fresh attack on Sunday at Johannesburg which claimed some lives and left many injured, it means that the several entreaties since the beginning of the crisis such as the boycott of Economic Summit in Cape Town by the government of Nigeria in protest against the wanton destruction of Nigerians is yet to yield meaningful result.

It is therefore important to make a statement here to further reassert the commitment of Ondo State House of Assembly to the good people of Nigeria and particularly those who are directly affected by the attack and their love one( since we know that the casualties of a war goes beyond those who die at the war front) that their welfare is uppermost in our heart.

This is also to demonstrate our great commitment to the unity of Nigerians and condemn in totality any abomination done against our people anywhere in the world.

South Africa being a major destination for economic migrant from Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Mozambique and from Asia and other continents, our worries is based on why Nigerian and their businesses have continually been the major subject of attack despite our foreign relation policy and peace keeping mission which South Africa has enjoy from tremendously.

Since Nigerians have have been known for their resourcefulness and grace to excel an and swell in foreign land, a process through which they make meaningful contribution to the economy of their host nation, this trait should instead be coveted by fellow African nation in order to making Africa a pride of other continents. We condemn any nation in Africa killing with pleasure any economic migrant from neighbouring African state and send them back to their home state in body bags.

It must be noted that attack against foreigners is a recurring decimal in South Africa. Between 1994 and 2018, more than 500 attacks occurred. In 2015 alone, more than 70 attacks occurred while in 2018 alone, more than 100 attacks left more than 60 people dead. 2019 alone has recorded about 40 incidents of attack so far.

As President Cyril Ramaphosa has said that there is no justification for the violence and called for a developed response plan, Ondo State House of Assembly joined voice with the president to charge the rapid response of the president to be responsive enough in putting a lasting solution to the attack in South Africa and forestall further occurrences.

As we also agreed with the General Secretary of South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters political party that “killing of Africans by other Africans is unacceptable and must be punished”, we call on South African government and the rapid response plan set up by the president and headed by their security minister to do a competent and unbiased investigation and make their report public.

Anybody found culpable should be appropriately dealt with so as to serve as deterrent to anybody that constitutes a barrier to Trans border economic transaction in Africa.

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Journalist, Educationist, Writer, Human Rights Advocate

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