Update: NAWOJ unravels how 4yrs old Testimony was beaten to death

father claims she was possessed

More facts emerged today from the mystery surrounding the death of a four year old girl, Miss Testimony Toke Babalola who was allegedly beaten to death by her father in Akure two days ago.

When the church discovered her bruises

The leadership of the Nigeria Association of Women Journalists, NAWOJ, Ondo State, led by its chairperson, Mrs. Doris Olumoko visited the church of the girl’s mother, where they were given the full information about what transpired.

Investigation reveals that Late  Testimony had been going through beating and torture by her parents in a bid to cast out evil spirit from her.

According to the Parish Priest of Mary Queen of Angels Catholic church Akure, Reverend Father Mathew Ologun, he got aware of the ill-treatment meted out to the child on June second through thee church children’s caregiver, who noticed so many scars all over her body.

The Rev. Father explained further that the father of the girl, Mr. Felix Babalola, who attends one white garment church opposite NAO supermarket in Akure claimed that the girl was possessed with evil spirit and that all the marks in her body were as a result of church deliverance style.

However, unknown to the church the beating and torture of late Testimony continued until she was rushed to the hospital dead.

In a telephone interview, the father of late Testimony said his church (Cherubim and Seraphim) told him that his daughter is possessed and needs deliverance, hence the constant beating.

Aside from the bruises she sustained from deliverance process, the father was said to have also claimed that the girl was over-pampered by her grandmother who she had been residing with in Ikare since age 9months before taken back to Akure recently.

The head of the children department of the who doesn’t want her name mentioned explained that she observed the girl predicament in June during the church Children’s day anniversary.

According to her, she confronted the mother to know how the girl acquired so many marks in her body, and the woman said it was due to punishment she used to get from her father for being stubborn.

The mother was said to have claimed that the father used to enforce punishment on the girl whenever she failed to kneel down and greet him, saying they were trying to teach her moral lessons which she didn’t get in grandma’s place.

The effort of the Rev. Father who had been monitoring the movement of the father of the girl since morning on phone in order to hand in over to the police proved abortive as he absconded around 5pm after being trailed to Benin garage in Akure.

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3 thoughts on “Update: NAWOJ unravels how 4yrs old Testimony was beaten to death

  1. Some people don’t deserve fruit of the womb from God at all. This act is very wicked. If what the father did was right, why then is he running?

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