How to overcome stress

We must confess that the life is not easy to everyone; most of us are so ambitious to achieve the great successes. Most of us work much time and, they go home to work again on laptop or computer or tablet or phone. All those efforts like electric machines and we don’t feel the body must not be under overload.

Then, we feel so exhausted and can’t continue in work well, but we feel so sick most of the time.

So, we need to know the stress well in order to live happy and healthy all the time. STRESS DEFINITION

Stress is the feeling you are under abnormal pressure when you work hard much time every day; not only physical efforts but also mental efforts.


You can know you are having stress if you have the following symptoms; but you should know that stress affects everyone differently.Difficulty in concentrating.Feeling of being anxiety or worry.Feeling of dizziness.Feeling of nausea.Feeling of depression.Feeling of sleeplessness.Pains and muscle tension.Taking illegal drugs to relax.Changes in mood.

HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF FROM STRESSStop smoking and drinking alcohol

Ask yourself all the time; what the benefits are of smoking and drinking alcohol. Wisely no benefits, but you should know you kill yourself slowly and before death you will be affected by the serious diseases.

I advise all, you should read more and more about dangers of smoking and drinking alcohol in order to be full satisfied those are poisons.

Please try to understand well, smoking and drinking alcohol don’t make the mood well, but they destroy you.

2- Eat healthy all the time.

You should eat healthy food and don’t have your meals from the stores all the time. You should eat different fruits and fresh juice.

3- Walking

Try to save some of time to walk in the park or garden or beach.

4- Not overload

Give your body the enough time to rest. Our bodies are not machines to work 24 hours continuously.

5- Useful exercises  

It is the best to play useful exercises three times per week.

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