How snakes chased Ondo lawmakers out during plenary session

What supposed to be a plenary session however turned out to be a rowdy one at the Ondo state House of Assembly chamber today, as a big snake surfaced from the ceiling of the house which made the lawmakers to scampered to safety.

This sudden and mysterious appearance of the snake has made the lawmakers to embark on an impromptu recess untill further notice.

JATS Communications gathered that the snake who appeared directly on top of the Speaker’s seat, however escaped, due to its size and the fear of the people around to kill it.

It was further gathered that a mysterious snake had earlier chased one of the lawmakers out of his office on Wednesday afternoon, before the appearance of the latest at the Hallow chamber today, (Thursday).

“Today three snakes fell from the Chamber’s roof when the sitting is about to commence and this made all the lawmakers to run for their lives.”

“One of the snakes dropped in front of the Speaker, the snakes escaped from the scene, some of the lawmakers were shaking as if they want to die”, an eyewitness said.

The dilapidated structure of the chamber was however identified as the reason for snakes invasion.

Confirming the incident, the Chairman House Committee on information, Hon. Gbenga Omole, described the appearance of the snakes as a threat to the lawmakers’ legislative duties.

His words: “We were about to enter into plenary yesterday (Wednesday) when a big snake just ran out of the chamber which disrupted our sitting and we had to hurriedly leave the chamber.

“We were about to sit again today (Thursday) when a ceiling caved in directly where Mr. Speaker was sitting, the whole House was agitated and when we looked around, we saw the damage that termites had done to most of the wood work in the Chamber.

“At that point, we had to call ourselves and adjourned the sitting because we discovered that the Chamber is no longer good for legislative business and because of this, we decided to adjourn indefinitely. The House will be going on an indefinite recess.”

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One thought on “How snakes chased Ondo lawmakers out during plenary session

  1. Can’t the Legislatures understand simple logic of maintenance of the legislative house from the funds allocated for maintenance of the legislative appurtenances and other equipment? It is a disgrace for the state legislature to give excuse of the snake distruption of plenary sitting in hollow champer for going on an indefinite reccess.Somebody should be held responsible for not doing his or her job for constant fumigation of the champer would make the legislative chamber environment unconducive for snakes and rodents to dwell in the chamber.
    If after doing this,the snakes still come to disturb the legislatures’ plenary, they should seekt spiritual intervention.

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