Music improves my academic performance, says 10-year old Nimi Grace

As part of cardinal strength of Westernpost in Promoting Culture and Creativity, Westernpost got hold on a 10 year old talented girl, who combines Music with Education through the efforts of her parents, who believe in her.

Nimi Grace

Westernpost showcases this talented young Nigerian known as Nimi.

Nimi Grace, A young talented Nigerian of just 10 years old, who is endowed by nature in using Music to teach and educates her peers including adults, was caught up by Temitope Adedeji ,to open up and encourage the young ones, who are also gifted, in a musical kid sensation

However, Like the proverbial goldfish that has nowhere to hide,the innate talent of tenderly and innocent looking 10 – year old budding musical artiste Nimi Grace has continued to expose her musical prowess on all fronts, not only that, to also encourage the young girl like her.

Nimi, apart from her creativity and brilliancy found in the young girl, professionally dexterous Violin player combines and effortlessly too, education with her musical obsession. When asked by Westernpost on how she is able to combine the two , she responded saying “I love music so much, in fact music is the reason why I excel in my academics, if you remove the musical part of me, I will be incomplete and it will affect me psychologically and otherwise”.

To further strengthen her hold, on music, Nimi, through the help of her parents according to the young girl, she has waxed three albums that are in the kitty. ” I AM THE FUTURE” which hits the records stores nationwide, and was produced in Lagos. The album has tracks like: Non like you, I can do all things, Happy birthday, I am the future etc.

According to her, she said her musical effort is already breaking the internet on youtube, facebook and instagram. I AM THE FUTURE is already enjoying tremendous airplay on radio and television across the country.

During the coming School vacation, young Nimi, with her sonorous voice will transverse the country for more media awareness as she is billed to be a guest on radio and television stations to interface with her fans.

However, the young Nimi,according to her, explained to Westernpost that she is billed to perform in a couple of concerts across the country.

In a chat with someone that can be refer to as her CEO , Mr. Starryman Arimiyo explained that “Nimi is exceptionally creative, a rare musical talent that is bound to shake Nigeria and the world at large with her musical exploration, her music is up- tempo, dance -able and lyrically balanced. Promoting and projecting our value system” he said. Nimi Grace’s I AM THE FUTURE, which is a collector’s item, will be followed by a sequel before the end of the year.

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